Quels sont les bienfaits des AHAs pour la peau ?

A few months ago, we explained to you the difference between AHAs and BHAs , these active ingredients with sometimes difficult to understand acronyms which have invaded our bathroom, but...

Quels sont les effets du soleil sur la peau ?

What are the effects of the sun on the skin?

Perhaps you have already heard of “sun capital” without really understanding its meaning. This term refers to the amount of UV that the skin can...

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Comment réparer la peau après une exposition au soleil ?

How to repair the skin after sun exposure?

The skin is often exposed to aggressions such as the sun, chlorine and sea water during the summer season, which can lead to dryness and...

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Comment prolonger son bronzage ?

How to prolong your tan?

After summer or returning from vacation, we aspire to preserve our tanned skin to prolong the sunny atmosphere of good times spent. However, this complexion...

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Bronzer même sans s’exposer : focus sur les accélérateurs de bronzage

Tan even without exposing yourself: focus on tanning accelerators

You want to get a tan quickly and without exposure to the sun, without going through exposure to UV rays, do you know about tanning...

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Vrai ou faux : la protection solaire empêche de bronzer ?

True or false: sun protection prevents you from tanning?

Regardless of the duration of sun exposure, it is essential to protect the skin with sunscreen to prevent various problems such as photoaging, sunburn and...

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Quels actifs boostent le bronzage ?

What active ingredients boost your tan?

To obtain an even and long-lasting tan, certain ingredients contained in cosmetic care products can be very useful. Most act by boosting the production of...

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Comment préparer votre peau pour l'été ?

How to prepare your skin for summer?

With the sun and swimming, the skin is put to the test. It is therefore crucial to prepare it well so that it can face...

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Pourquoi exfolier sa peau avant une exposition ?

Why exfoliate your skin before exposure?

Exfoliation is an essential step in your routine and even more so before the first exposures. It helps eliminate dead cells for a more even...

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Comment fonctionne le bronzage ?

How does tanning work?

Tanning is a natural protective mechanism to defend against UV rays. To protect themselves from the effects of the sun, our melanocytes produce a colored...

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