À quoi sert un booster ?

What is a booster used for?

The skin evolves with the seasons: this is the biological rhythm of the skin or chronobiology . However, each skin has its own rhythm: it can be drier, experience imperfections or a dull complexion for only a few weeks. So is this a reason to completely change your routine? No ! It is therefore to respond to changes in our skin's mood that we created boosters.

What is the point of a booster?

A booster is an ultra-concentrated cosmetic treatment in active ingredients . Often small volumes, generally 5 to 10 ml, they are not intended to be used as is. Whatever your skin type or current state of health, the point of a booster is to modify the action of your usual moisturizing cream with just 2-3 drops. As they are very rich in active ingredients, avoid applying them directly to the skin and mix them first with a dab of moisturizer. This minimizes the risk of irritation.

The radiance booster

The radiance booster was designed for dull complexion and lack of uniformity. Ultra concentrated in vitamin C , it provides in 3 drops an antioxidant, illuminating, anti-dark spot and anti-aging action. Numerous dermatological studies praise vitamin C:

- Absorbed by the skin before applying sunscreen, it improves the protection of the skin against UV rays,

- Powerful antioxidant , it neutralizes free radicals, responsible for dull complexion and skin aging

- Vitamin C also has an inhibitory action on melanocytes: dark spots or hyperpigmentation decrease more quickly

- It has also been recognized as stimulating the production of collagen , improving the firmness of the skin with an anti-aging action

The anti-aging booster

The anti-aging booster was designed to reduce the first signs of aging or to complement the overall action of an anti-aging cream. It's ultra-concentrated in bakuchiol , a plant-based alternative to retinol that retains its benefits but not the irritation that comes with it. Bakuchiol accelerates cell renewal , and 3 drops of our anti-aging booster helps reduce spots, imperfections, boost skin firmness and smooth wrinkles.

The hydrating booster

The hydrating booster is ultra concentrated in hyaluronic acid , it has been designed to provide a shot of hydration to your moisturizing cream. It allows your skin to be hydrated longer and more deeply, with a “plumpy” skin effect, i.e. plumper features. Most ? Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid helps stimulate collagen production.

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