Check list pour une peau parfaite cet été

Check list for perfect skin this summer

Summer is coming, we think about vacations, swimming but above all tanning. We help you sort out fact from fiction, so you only keep the advice that (really) works.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

We can't say it enough, but hydration is key. Well-hydrated skin will respond better to the sun's rays. This will avoid having crocodile skin and peeling from the first exposures. This goes for the face but also for the body, and yes. So we don't neglect our skincare routine, we rely on the Seasonly anti-thirst serum as a targeted treatment to fight against dehydration. For mask fans, we increase the pace with theSeasonly rehydrating jelly mask for a hydration boost. The body will be delighted to be taken care of with Seasonly moisturizing body balm . Bonus tips: drinking 1.5L of water per day helps a lot.

  • Adopt a colorful diet

The more colorful your plate, the more your skin will thank you. We favor foods rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A (carrot, tomato, mango, orange, sweet potato or apricot) to protect the skin but also for their healthy glow effect. Foods full of essential fatty acids (mackerel, salmon, flax seeds, rapeseed oil, etc.) will also be your best allies to promote skin regeneration.

  • Opt for food supplements

It's not cheating, it's just a little help. Food supplements are a good way to boost your metabolism. They often activate the tan and allow the skin to repair itself more quickly, we're not going to say no. If you are a forward-looking person, you can start a treatment 1 month before your first exposure.

  • Protect your skin

Let the one who has never exposed her body coated with monoi for hours throw the first stone. Unfortunately sunburns often brought us back to reality. So this year, no more room for error: maximum protection. Because unprotected skin means premature skin aging is guaranteed. However, you will need to adapt sun protection according to your skin type. In general for all skin types, the safest is to use SPF50+ (especially the palest and most sensitive skin). Skin that tans more easily can be satisfied with SPF30, provided of course that you do not have dermatological treatment or a particular condition that requires high protection. And then as always: we avoid the sun between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. when it is most aggressive for the skin.

  • Enhance your tan to better prolong it

How to have a perfect and glowy tan? Well, a tan needs to be maintained. After the shower, apply Seasonly body & hair oil for an addictive satin skin effect. The skin will be nourished and sublimated, while leaving a soft scented trail wherever you go. And for the face, you can apply Seasonly night oil which will help the skin to regenerate better before your next exposure (always in moderation).

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