Comment bien préparer sa peau avant de se maquiller ?

How to properly prepare your skin before applying makeup?

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your makeup does not last throughout the day or that it marks certain areas of your face (fine lines, dry patches, etc.)? It might be because you didn't prepare your skin properly before applying makeup.

Why is it important to prepare your skin before applying makeup?

Properly preparing your skin is an essential step; This is what will allow your make-up to hold better and be applied more easily for a “ flawless ” finish. This preparation will make it possible to better work on the complexion, for example. Both to have a better result but also to allow better application. And it often doesn't take much; Well-hydrated skin is one of the key bases in skin preparation.

What steps to follow?

We've put together our 5 best tips, follow the guide:

Clean your face thoroughly

And yes, it may not seem obvious at first, but integrating double cleansing into your daily routine will allow you to have a great makeup base. After a double cleanse in the evening, your skin will be smoother and luminous when you wake up. This helps eliminate all impurities that could clog the pores and create areas where makeup will tend to “stick” and therefore run. First use a cleansing oil to eliminate lipophilic residues (SPF, makeup, sebum, pollution, etc.) then a cleansing jelly to complete makeup removal and eliminate residues, this time hydrophilic (dust, perspiration).

Exfoliate your skin

Regular exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells. By accumulating on the surface of the skin, they unfortunately lead to irregular skin texture, imperfections and dull complexion. Using an exfoliant regularly helps smooth the surface of the skin, accelerate cell renewal and boost the radiance of the complexion. This will help your makeup adhere better to the skin. We advise you to use an exfoliating mask with a peeling effect 1 to 2 times a week. And be careful, always favor exfoliating masks with chemical and not mechanical action! To find out everything about exfoliating acids, go here.

Moisturize your skin

The basis of a successful make-up! By hydrating your skin, you erase fine lines on the surface and your skin has a plumper appearance. Hydration also provides a more glowing effect to the skin which will instantly make you look better. So opt for a moisturizer before applying makeup, you can even add a few drops of hydrating booster (or even directly to your foundation if it has an aqueous base) for extra comfort. And two to three times a week, apply a thin layer of hydrating mask overnight for plumper, smoother skin.

Massage your skin

Massage will be your best ally to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, reshape features and open the eyes. Favor massage gestures which allow you to reshape the face for a contouring effect or a brow lift effect before applying makeup. By boosting skin microcirculation, you will instantly look good.

Apply a serum with a blurring effect

Choose carefully the serum you apply before applying makeup. The best is to choose a serum with a moisturizing base, which penetrates quickly and smoothes the skin for a blurring and unifying effect. This will allow you to have a more uniform complexion afterwards.

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