Les Eye Patchs pour le contour des yeux

How to use your eye patches optimally?

Are you wondering how to incorporate our new reusable eye patches into your routine? When to apply them and above all how? We present them to you in 5 key points.

Say goodbye to dark circles, bags and the feeling of puffy eyes when you wake up! Our eye patches will allow you to boost the effectiveness of your eye contour cream.

Eye patches

1. But what are eye patches?

This is a pair of reusable silicone patches. Seasonly eye patches boost the penetration of the active ingredients in your eye contour cream for optimal absorption. You can use them with your usual cream to boost their effects, depending on the problems you want to target ( puffiness , fine lines from dehydration, marked dark circles, hyperpigmentation , etc.) . Your eyes are refreshed, brighter and fresh.

2. Our eye patches are suitable for all skin types

Our patches are universal so you just need to apply your usual eye cream or the eye treatment you usually use so that the eye patches can stick. However, be careful not to use the patches with products not recommended for the eyes (AHA, retinoids, etc.).

3. How to apply them correctly for optimal effectiveness?


Apply a small amount of your eye cream or serum, massaging gently.

Eye patches


Wait 10 to 20 seconds after applying your cream or serum to place the eye patches under your eyes. The texture of the applied product becomes stickier and allows better adhesion of the eye patches.


Leave for ten minutes. You can use them in the morning, to decongest the eye area or in the evening, you will give the impression of having already slept a full night before even starting (ideal if you have an evening planned... ).


Remove your eye patches, wash them under lukewarm water with or without soap (if you wash them with soap, use one with neutral PH) and put them back in their metal box for better conservation. After several washes, your patches will soften and be easier to use. And above all: they are infinitely reusable!

Eye patches

4. What cream should I apply to optimize the use of my eye patches ?

Before sticking your eye patches under your eyes, we advise you to apply our anti-aging eye contour cream , with plumping and smoothing properties. The avocado that makes up the cream helps restore cellular functionality through its detoxifying action. It also stimulates the endogenous synthesis of hyaluronic acid and helps plump the skin. You will find your eye area brighter and your features rested and relaxed.

5. Do you lack time to get ready in the morning?

Use our eye patches as a stencil to guide you in drawing your eye liner line. They are also well positioned so you don't get your cheek dirty with falling eyeshadow. So you can apply your makeup quietly, almost with your eyes closed!

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