Femme appliquant son masque hydratant

In what order should you apply your products so that they are effective?

With skincare routines that sometimes contain many steps, it's easy to mix up brushes in the order in which products are applied. And even if this does not seem decisive, the order of application has an effect on the penetration of active ingredients and therefore on the benefits of these products in the long term. What is most often recommended is to apply products from the lightest texture to the densest. This creates a layering that complements each other and the denser texture allows the active ingredients to be “sealed”. Let's take the example of the evening routine:

First step: Double cleansing to help your skin regenerate better by ridding it of all its impurities and dead cells.

Make-up remover oil :

The oil is the most effective for dissolving all fatty substances (excess sebum, pollution, sun filters, makeup). It will act like a “magnet” by attaching all these impurities. Our makeup remover oil is enriched with calendula, an active ingredient with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. This allows the skin to be cleansed and purified without altering its hydrolipidic film.

Make-up remover oil

Cleansing jelly :
The cleansing jelly is the second key step, which complements the use of the cleansing oil. Our cleansing jelly , also enriched with calendula, allows you to complete the cleansing of the skin without damaging it. It also contains glycerin, a moisturizing active ingredient that helps restore the skin barrier.

Second step: The lotion to optimally prepare your skin to receive care

The lotion:
The lotion is applied just after double cleansing in the evening, or directly in the morning as the first treatment step. In particular, it allows you to target skin concerns while preparing the skin for subsequent treatments. If you tend to have excess sebum and enlarged pores, our purifying lotion is the solution. It smoothes the skin texture and tightens pores.

Purifying lotion

Third step: The serum, for targeted action on a specific problem

The serum:
The serum is generally ultra-concentrated in active ingredients and allows it to act in depth on a targeted problem. If you have a dull and uneven complexion, our anti-grey serum will act as a radiance booster. Result: brighter skin, reduced redness and a more even complexion. If you feel that your skin feels tight, has flaking (patches of peeling skin) and is not comfortable, opt for our anti-thirst serum instead . This serum, enriched with Acacia seeds, promotes skin hydration and maintains its proper water level. If your skin has imperfections, irregular skin texture and/or excess sebum, our imperfection serum is the solution. Enriched with Niacinamide and Bakuchiol, it corrects and smoothes skin texture while preventing the appearance of new imperfections.

Blemish serum

Step four: Eye cream

Eye cream:
An important and often neglected step, the eye contour is one of the most fragile areas of the face. Indeed, the skin is extremely thin around the eye. In addition to this fragility, it is one of the most stressed areas since we blink throughout the day. To avoid the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in this area, we advise you to apply our eye cream which will plump and smooth the eye contour.

Fifth step: Day/night cream

Cream :
The cream helps restore skin comfort while also delivering active ingredients. Depending on your skin type, it will be more or less rich and depending on your concerns more or less concentrated in active ingredients. Our day cream at Seasonly (available in our subscription formula ) is governed by the seasons and changes key active ingredients according to them. The idea: adapt to the needs of your skin depending on the season. However, for your morning routine, we have our light cream which allows you to illuminate the skin without makeup. The formula includes innovative active ingredients that transform the appearance of tired skin and reflect light upon application to illuminate the complexion, plump it up and give it an instant healthy glow.

Light cream

Step Six: Oil, if using one

Night oil :
This concentrate of 14 super oils will accelerate the cell renewal process. By acting at night, these 14 oils are activated at the peak of cellular regeneration. Result: better elasticity of the skin thanks to the lipids contained in the different oils, more radiance and visibly rested skin. Used as the last step of this treatment routine, it seals in all the active ingredients and, above all, maintains the skin's proper level of hydration.

Night oil

Last step: massage

Massaging your face regularly helps keep your skin healthy and boosts the production of collagen and elastin, which visibly improves its appearance. The massage acts in particular on different aspects of the skin:

  1. Improved blood circulation: Facial massage, by stimulating blood microcirculation, improves the radiance of the complexion and gives you an instant healthy glow.

  2. Reduced muscle tension: The face contains many muscles that can tense and contract, leading to wrinkles and expression lines. Facial massage relieves these tensions and helps reduce the tension that causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  3. Elimination of toxins: thanks to lymphatic drainage maneuvers, massage helps to detoxify the tissues.

  4. Improved skin texture: Facial massage stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which improves skin texture and firmness.

If you don't know where to start, we have imagined a 100% digital facial gym program to teach you how to massage yourself in 21 days.

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