La Brume Hydratante booste l'éclat de la peau

The universal hydrating mist

Is your skin destabilized by temperature differences? Since you removed the mask outdoors, your skin has new imbalances that you want to remedy (increased sebum production, pollution, perspiration, etc.).

The hydrating mist: a real boost for your skin

The conditions of your skin change throughout the day, they are governed by what is called biorhythm. This internal biological clock acts on your metabolism and its cellular activity. To maintain the right level of hydration in your skin throughout the day, slip our hydrating and purifying mist into your bag. A few sprays are enough to effectively hydrate and tone your skin. It is composed of active ingredients meticulously chosen for their vitalizing and soothing properties.

What assets does it consist of?

With aloe vera, a powerful moisturizing, soothing and depolluting active ingredient, our mist revitalizes and repairs all skin types. Rich in amino acids, minerals, nutrients and vitamins, this real energy cocktail restores suppleness and elasticity to tired skin. Aloe vera also promotes healing by boosting skin cell renewal.

Rose is a natural antibacterial which helps to tighten pores in the long term. It instantly revives the radiance of dull and tired complexions thanks to its toning effect. It brings a healthy glow and freshness to the skin while protecting the skin from external aggressions such as wind, cold or pollution.

We have also incorporated mint, a multi-function medicinal plant: astringent, antiseptic, it helps care for and treat skin with imperfections (pimples, blackheads, etc.) by regulating the production of sebum. Rich in vitamin C, mint is full of antioxidants that revive the skin's radiance. It stimulates and invigorates the skin with its regenerating and revitalizing properties.

The last key active ingredient in our hydrating mist is witch hazel which acts on skin quality by tightening pores and regulating sebum production. It thus promotes blood micro-circulation, which helps to tone the skin.

"The best mist, everything is great with it! The smell, the sensation on the skin, the immediate soothing hydrating effect, the packaging... I repurchase it every time and never want to do without it." -Sarah H

How and when to use your hydrating mist?

Hydrating mist

The hydrating mist is a real boost for the skin, to be used when you feel the need. An ally of all skin types, it will act on all its conditions during the course of a day. It adapts perfectly to the needs of your skin, the problems of which differ depending on each person and your daily activity.

You can use it first thing in the morning on clean skin to moisturize and decongest, especially after your treatments which require put tap water on your face. The latter is very rich in limestone and dehydrates your skin, a few sprays can rehydrate it. You can massage your skin or remove excess with a clean towel.

The hydrating mist is also practical during the day to purify your skin, but also at the end of the day to revive the radiance of the complexion. In the evening, it soothes and better prepares the skin to regenerate at night.

We use it during our studio treatments . Its smell and freshness when in contact with your skin helps prepare it better for the rest of the treatments. You can find it in our glow treatment or our gym treatment which will restore tone and radiance to your skin.

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