La routine de nos facialistes EP.3 : Laurianne

The routine of our facialists EP.3: Laurianne

Our expert facial gym facialists transform your skin in our Skin Studios as well as in selected Sephora stores across Europe, but do you really know this job that everyone is talking about at the moment? Today, we present to you Laurianne, facialist at Seasonly since September 2021, she tells us about her job and gives us her routine for balanced skin all year round.

Laurianne, can you tell us about your journey?

Before becoming a facialist, I did a Bachelor in Luxury Management and Marketing because I thought that it was the only sector that would never experience the crisis. After completing my course, I realized that I did not like the behind the scenes of this field which nevertheless attracted me a lot, I did not find myself in its codes. I decided to do an aesthetic CAP then pass my CQP (Professional Qualification Certificate) as a Spa practitioner which allowed me to join a large group of massage institutes.

After confinement, I wanted to rethink my work/life balance and I worked for an institute where I was able to learn the Renata Franca and Hydrafacial methods. At this point in my career, facial care interested me more and more and many people around me started talking to me about Seasonly, this new brand which promised to revolutionize the self-care sector and the project inspired me. I really liked it, especially since it involved facial massage and it was definitely something I wanted to pursue. I joined Seasonly's Lune studio, my favorite studio, and became its manager in the middle of last year.

On a daily basis, what steps in your routine do you never miss?

I do a double cleanse every evening with the Seasonly Makeup Remover Oil which is by far my favorite and an anti-blemish cleanser. I'm a pretty good student, I apply an anti-blemish serum, an eye contour and my Night Oil every evening. In the morning, I use the Hydrating Mist and repeat my routine.

Once a week, I use a peeling mask to maintain my skin and cleanse it deeply, this allows me to ensure that it remains luminous and hydrated, when I miss this step I feel it, my skin is different.

What is your favorite Seasonly product?

Just one? The Makeup Remover Oil is one of the only ones I've tested that doesn't sting my eyes at all, it allows me to remove my foundation and my mascara with the same oil, without using cotton.

What do you like most about your job?

I really like massage, contact with the client, seeing the satisfaction of clients when they leave a treatment. My position as manager also allows me to support facialists and help them develop. I am responsible for managing the Lune studio and ensuring that everything goes well for both clients and the team.

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