Que faire contre le maskné - l'acné du masque

Mask-born or mask acne

Have you also had strange pimples appearing since you started wearing a mask - in places where you've never had them before? It's called Mask-Ne, or mask acne, and it has become a worldwide problem. Our Seasonly dermatologist explains why and, above all, how to remedy it.

What is the impact of wearing a mask on the skin?
Hermetic in essence, since it is made to filter the air (inside and outside), the mask does not allow the humidity emitted by our breathing to escape. Namely, the air we exhale is ten times more water-filled than the air we inhale! As a result, under the effect of stagnant humidity, the skin becomes macerated, the pores become clogged and pimples appear. For those already prone to acne, the combination of heat + perspiration under the mask significantly increases sebum production.

What are the solutions ?

  1. Choose your mask carefully. Forget masks made of synthetic materials such as polyester or neoprene, which are more likely to irritate and itch, in favor of those made of silk for example, which are much more respectful of the skin.

  2. Don't skimp on cleaning. Under a mask worn intermittently or throughout the day, the skin suffocates. It is therefore important to clean it well with a gentle product to soothe the skin. We recommend the non-irritating Seasonly makeup remover oil , which ensures impeccable cleansing morning and evening.

  3. Treat the skin before going to bed with a healing treatment, such as the Seasonly moisturizing mask applied in a thick layer to clean skin for a good quarter of an hour. This face mask can also be applied overnight.

  4. You can protect your skin for the day with Seasonly anti-thirst serum , the facial serum that restores and maintains the water level of damaged skin to cleanse the skin.

  5. Treat localized imperfections with our SOS Spot treatment, enriched with clay and tea tree. It visibly reduces skin inflammation and prevents the appearance of scars. With our silk mask, it's the perfect anti-pimple mask combo !

  6. Limit makeup. With sweating and bacteria, it’s a real health disaster for the skin!

  1. Refresh your face regularly. As soon as you can, remove your mask and apply an antibacterial floral mist with regulating properties, such as peppermint, geranium or lavender floral water.

  1. Take off your mask when you practice a sporting activity.

  1. Drink a lot of water !

Too late, the pimples are there - what to do?

Above all, don't touch it! When you pop a pimple, bacteria comes out and causes new pimples to appear around it. This also creates a lesion that other bacteria can enter, subsequently preventing proper healing.

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