Le printemps et la peau

Spring and the skin

Spring is a very important season for the skin. After long winter months where toxins have accumulated, it is necessary to restart cell renewal to avoid dull complexion and prepare the skin for summer. But why is cell renewal slowed down in winter? Because the cold pushes the skin to enter hibernation via a phenomenon of vasoconstriction, which tends to cause a gray complexion and a pale complexion. For luminous and plumped skin, follow the advice of our facialists.

Drain the lymph by massaging the face

To wake up sleeping cells and boost skin cell renewal, our facialists recommend massaging the face regularly using dynamic, deep movements, from top to bottom. The objective? Direct all toxins towards the lymph nodes, located near the collarbones, they will be responsible for evacuating them from the body. While it is sometimes simpler to use an accessory like Gua Sha for example, it is entirely possible to drain the face manually by following a few simple steps. To find out more about massage techniques, a QR code located on the back of each of our massage accessories allows you to discover the actions to follow.

Exfoliate the skin every week

At the end of winter, the skin is duller and can appear tired, exfoliating it every week helps rid it of dead skin that dulls the complexion and stimulates the production of new cells. How ? By using a gentle exfoliant formulated with fruit enzymes or AHAs which helps reveal the skin's natural radiance and limit the appearance of imperfections. Why choose a chemical exfoliant over grain exfoliants? Unlike grainy scrubs which damage the hydrolipidic film and are often too aggressive for the skin, chemical exfoliants are better tolerated, including by sensitive skin, and above all more effective.

Choosing the right assets

When spring arrives, it is necessary to adapt your routine and look for active ingredients that are more appropriate to the skin's needs during this season. In addition, it is often said that the skin tends to get used to a routine after 3 months - it becomes less effective - which is why it is important to change it every season. In addition to AHAs or fruit enzymes which allow chemical exfoliation, choose products enriched with Vitamin C. This super antioxidant will give a boost of radiance to tired complexions. This vitamin is also perfect for preparing the skin for summer thanks to its anti-dark spots action: it reduces melanin production for a more even complexion. It also allows, when the skin restarts its sebum production, to tighten pores for a smoother skin texture. Finally, it increases collagen synthesis for plumped skin. You can find it in booster form; add a few drops to your cream morning and/or evening. Also look for products rich in hyaluronic acid to prevent skin dehydration; as temperatures rise, the air can be drier and the skin becomes imbalanced. Opt for amask or a booster - hyaluronic acid works very well with Vitamin C.

Moisturize the skin daily

Spring is the ideal season to change your routine, take advantage of the arrival of sunny days, sort out your bathroom and swap your rich moisturizing cream for a more fluid texture which will perfectly hydrate the skin while avoiding shine. Our facialists’ advice? Use our light moisturizer enriched with acerola and vitamin B5 to boost skin hydration and boost radiance.

Nourish the skin

Even if winter is over and the sunny days make you want to simplify your skincare routine, nourishing your skin every day remains essential, whatever your skin type. If you missed our article on this subject, we remind you that the skin needs lipids (fat) and hydration (water) to ensure its proper functioning. Using a few drops of oil every evening helps nourish the skin in depth while facilitating facial massage. Applied every evening after your moisturizer, the oil helps seal in hydration and limit the phenomenon of loss of moisture. transepidermal water.

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