Le renouvellement cellulaire

Cellular renewal

We can sometimes forget it, but the skin is above all a living organ. The cells therefore follow a sort of natural life cycle of 21 days. The process begins in the so-called “basal” layer, located between the epidermis and the dermis, where stem cells called keratinocytes will form. During the cell renewal process, these cells gradually rise to “die” on the surface of the skin. This is what leads in particular to the phenomenon of skin peeling in places (called flaking). Over time, this renewal tends to slow down. These cells will therefore accumulate on the surface of the skin and cause a dull complexion, which lacks radiance.

We therefore decided to take advantage of this confinement to give you a routine to follow and adopt in the long term. Our 21 Day Kit was created to help you care for your skin during this natural process. The objective? See real results on the radiance and evenness of your skin.

The 21-day kit to renew your skin

1st step: With double cleansing you help your skin to regenerate better by ridding it of all its impurities and dead cells. You promote the natural process of cell renewal.

Make-up remover oil :

The oil is the most effective for dissolving all fatty substances (excess sebum, pollution, sun filters, makeup). It will act like a “magnet” by attaching all these impurities. Our makeup remover oil is enriched with calendula, an active ingredient with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. This allows the skin to be cleansed and purified without altering the hydrolipidic film.

Double cleaning: an important step

The cleansing jelly :
The cleansing jelly is the second key step, which complements the use of the cleansing oil. Our cleansing jelly , also enriched with calendula, allows you to complete the cleansing of the skin without damaging it. It also contains glycerin, a moisturizing active ingredient that helps restore the skin barrier.

2nd step: Daily hydration is essential to help your cells regenerate better. Well hydrated skin is brighter skin, which defends itself better against external aggressions.

The light cream :
Thanks to its innovative formula, our light cream transforms the appearance of dull and tired skin by reflecting light upon application. It notably contains an extract of kombucha, an active ingredient which boosts the radiance of the complexion while fighting against hyperpigmentation. This active ingredient is also a natural probiotic which strengthens the skin barrier. Use as a day cream to hydrate and brighten the skin without makeup.

The light cream: a healthy glow without makeup

3rd step: It is during the night that your skin reaches its peak of cellular regeneration. You must therefore focus on “good fats” to nourish your skin.

Night oil :
This concentrate of 14 oils will accelerate the cell renewal process. By acting at night, these 14 oils are activated at the peak of cellular regeneration. Result: better elasticity of the skin thanks to the lipids contained in the different oils, more radiance and visibly rested skin.

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Night Oil

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