Le rôle des céramides dans la peau

The role of ceramides in the skin

Lately, more and more cosmetic products highlight ceramides. Traditionally used in anti-aging formulas, they are presented as the flagship active ingredient for dry, damaged or sensitive skin. So what are ceramides? We will explain everything to you !

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are bioidentical elements to the skin: they are lipids which make up almost 50% of our skin. There are many types: you will often see 2 to 3 types of ceramides in a formula to cover all the skin's needs.

What are ceramides used for?

They are particularly important for maintaining good cohesion of skin cells and a healthy hydrolipidic film . Ceramides help repair the skin barrier : if your skin is dry, sensitive or your usual products irritate you without understanding why, your skin barrier is surely damaged. Ceramides will be your allies of choice!

Do I need ceramides?

If your skin is doing well right now, you don't necessarily need it. On the other hand, we can benefit from it in many cases:

- For mature skin that no longer produces as many ceramides as before, the anti-aging properties of ceramides will provide hydration and comfort.

- For dry skin that struggles to stay hydrated

- For sensitive skin prone to redness

- For damaged skin barriers that have been overused

- Any skin that has difficulty finding its way: acne, scars , etc.

The difference between animal and plant ceramides

Plant ceramides are uniquely capable of hydrating the skin and providing immediate support to the skin barrier. They do not have anti-aging properties unlike ceramides of animal origin which hydrate and stimulate the self-regeneration of the skin. Vegan, Seasonly prefer the ethical option: plant ceramides or phytoceramides.

Will Seasonly have a ceramide product?

Who knows ? Lips are sealed !

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