Plusieurs quartz rollers sur fond blanc

Roller skating or the art of facial massage

The roller is a facial massage accessory inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. Thanks to its smoothing and detoxifying actions, it allows you to work on the features and oval of the face. Available in quartz, opal and jade, our Seasonly rollers target specific issues: skin aging, dehydration, imperfections and redness. Find out how to use them to boost the benefits of your facial treatments.

The quartz roller and its toning action

Quartz Roller

Quartz is a stone known for its anti-aging properties thanks to its action on skin aging. It is particularly suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. Our quartz roller stimulates blood micro-circulation with its two tips and has been designed to provide daily stimulation to benefit your skin.

To use it, you need to make short movements from bottom to top and from the forehead to the neck. This roller helps to firm the skin, naturally reactivate micro-circulation and eliminate bags under the eyes.

Ciao muscle tension, your facial skin feels better after this little exercise! To make its effects even more visible, apply our Night Oil beforehand. By massaging your face with a roller, you will boost the benefits of your facial treatment by promoting its penetration, gently and deeply... You will find this moment all the more pleasant and relaxing.

The Jade Roller to eliminate accumulated toxins

Jade Roller

Do you have a face with some imperfections and a dull complexion? Jade stone is known for its soothing properties, its ability to eliminate toxins and reduce dark circles, while decongesting the face. Its double tip stimulates tissues and blood circulation. The Jade Roller should be used daily to help wake up the cells in your face.

For more efficiency in the application of your Seasonly treatments, use the roller to penetrate the products deeply.

The Opal Roller to boost the hydration of your skin

Opal Roller

Is your skin lacking hydration and radiance? Opal is a stone that can contain up to 30% water and thus promotes skin hydration. It is known for its calming and softening effect. The Opale Roller stimulates tissue regeneration and improves its elasticity. It helps you gently revive the radiance of your complexion and restart blood and lymphatic circulation. Massage your face for a few minutes a day for an instant decongestant effect. Your features are immediately smoother if you use it when you wake up and your muscle tension disappears when you use it in the evening. Your face will feel more rested and relaxed!

For an instant freshness effect, put your Opale Roller in the fridge between two uses, to accentuate the decongestant effect!

No need to use the roller for 10 minutes, a few movements and seconds are enough to feel the benefits on your skin. So, we put our face in the gym?

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