Le sérum visage : l’étape indispensable 

Facial serum: the essential step

What if this year we forced ourselves to adopt a skincare routine adapted to our skin? Just a few products that would follow us every season; nothing superfluous, just the essentials for healthy skin. Among our essentials: serum, which in our opinion is one of the most important products in the routine.

When should you apply a serum?

If you missed our article on the order in which to apply your beauty routine , we recommend applying a serum in the morning and evening on clean skin before your usual moisturizer. By the way, why use a facial serum if I'm already using a cream that suits me?

Good question ! The serum will help prepare the skin to receive the skincare routine; it is the first product to be absorbed, making it a very important step. Furthermore, serums are particularly rich in active ingredients (niacinamide, vitamin C, zinc, etc.) and can be used to treat skin problems.

Which facial serum to choose?

At Seasonly, we have developed facial serums to meet everyone's needs, ultra-concentrated cocktails of active ingredients that act like a vitamin shot for the skin. Do you have several problems? It is entirely possible to use your serum topically to meet your skin's needs or to use a different serum in the morning and evening. Serums and boosters allow you to personalize your skincare routine and create a routine that suits you. For example, if you have combination skin and congested pores on your forehead and nose, it will be advisable to use a mattifying anti-blemish serum on the T zone and a more hydrating serum on the rest of the face.

The hydrating Anti-Thirst serum : enriched with Acacia seeds, it is ideal for dehydrated skin and can be used on all skin types morning and/or evening, as needed.

Anti-aging serum : enriched with Maca seeds, this facial serum will hydrate the skin and fight against the appearance of the first wrinkles.

The Imperfections serum : thanks to the presence in its formula of Niacinamide (vitamin B3), this anti-imperfections serum tightens pores to smooth the skin and fight against irregular skin texture. It can be used locally or all over the face in addition to a suitable moisturizer.

The unifying serum : our latest creation which fights against pigment spots thanks to its mixture of white flowers. Used in addition to an exfoliating mask with AHAs, it is the perfect serum to get rid of acne scars and uneven skin tone.

Anti-grey serum : our essential to fight against dull complexion in winter, this serum is enriched with red Schisandra berries with antioxidant properties.

Should you choose a serum over an oil?

The skin needs to be hydrated (water) and nourished (lipids), serums are most often moisturizing while an oil will nourish and repair the skin. We recommend that people with particularly dry and fragile skin use both a serum and a facial oil.

The serum can be applied in the morning to dry skin and a few drops of facial oil can be mixed with the moisturizer to make it more nourishing. In the evening, we advise mature and fragile skin to favor an oil and not to avoid moisturizing cream. This duo will allow the skin to reconstitute its hydrolipidic film, it will be visibly more radiant and relaxed upon waking.

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