Roller en quartz rose véritable

The benefits of semi-precious stones

At first glance, taking care of yourself through stones may seem zany at best, and at worst a real throwback to the age of witches. And yet, it is a method that has more and more followers, particularly in California, where curious people flock to lithotherapy (crystal therapy) stores.

Semi-precious stones would in fact have powers specific to each type of stone, which, by wearing them on the skin, could treat certain specific skin conditions: irritations, wrinkles, spots, eczema, etc.

Whether you believe it or not, a quick overview of the most popular stones.


It is perfect for purifying the skin. If your skin produces too much sebum or is a little “clogged”, you know which stone to turn to.


It is very effective against small spots of juvenile acne. Not to be confused with hormonal acne, which appears at any age.


It has an anti-aging action which allows the skin to regenerate better.


A symbol of purity, jade helps free the skin from accumulated stress and/or toxins which can lead to small imperfections.

The moonstone

In addition to being very pretty, it is a very feminine stone which resolves hormonal inconveniences due to cycles. Perfect for managing all the changes that the skin can undergo during periods.

Rose quartz

Quite complete, this stone has everything right. It activates microcirculation and soothes inflammation. This is why we chose it for our
quartz roller , to use every day to drain the lymph and have an increasingly radiant face.

How to use them?

While some go so far as to place them directly on their face, most wear them as jewelry. Good to know: to “recharge” the power of a stone, you must leave it in the sun or under the rays of the moon.

And otherwise, you can simply use our quartz roller . It's less hassle and just as effective.

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