Notre tip glow pour les vacances

Our tip glow for the holidays

In summer, with the heat, many of you ask us how to lighten your routine while enhancing your tan. We give you our glow tip for the holidays with THE product to slip into your suitcase.

This product is our light cream. Formulated with a complex called MEIRITAGE™, it smoothes the skin's texture for a blur effect, prevents dehydration and fights against hyperpigmentation. The pearls in the formula help reflect light; this is what gives that instant illuminating effect. This will highlight your tanned complexion during the holidays.

Before / after light cream

How to use it ?

1. As an illuminating base:

The Luminous Cream is a perfect illuminating base to prepare your skin before applying your makeup. It can even be used alone; its light formula blends with the skin for a healthy glow without makeup. It smoothes the skin and fine lines and gives the skin an instant luminous finish.

2. As a touch of light in your moisturizer:

A few drops mixed with your usual cream will instantly enhance your complexion while nourishing your skin. This will allow you to modulate the light effect you want to bring to your complexion. If you want even more light effect, you can re-apply over your cream.

3. As a highlighter to take everywhere:

La Crème Lumière is also presented as a compact and practical highlighter that you can take anywhere. Its tube format allows you to easily apply it to the areas you want to highlight: the cheekbones, the brow bone or the cupid's bow for example. All you have to do is take a little bit of cream and apply it with your finger or brush to modulate the effect you want to have. This allows you to have a touch of care in your makeup routine this summer.

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