Découvrez les causes de la peau sèches et apprenez quels sont les ingrédients adaptés à votre type de peau. .

Why do we have dry skin?

What is dry skin? 

Dry skin or xerosis is caused by insufficient production of sebum. This leads to a weakening of the hydrolipid barrier, and therefore accelerated dehydration. The skin is then more exposed to external aggressions. To rehydrate dry skin, the best solution is to nourish the skin with emollients in order to restore the natural hydration factors.

Find out how to help your dry skin regain its comfort and suppleness.

How to recognize dry skin: the signs?

Dry skin manifests itself by several apparent signs:

- Struggle

- Peeling

- Lack of shine

- Discomfort

In very severe cases of dry skin, itching sensations may occur, but also peeling, some fine cracks, or even more serious, deeper cracks with bleeding. Dry skin can also cause other problems such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, among others.

Why is skin dry? 

Among the most common external factors, pollution, variations in temperature, season and dry climates considerably dry out the skin.
This is why our skin dries out with the arrival of autumn and winter. The air is colder and drier! Frequent exposure to the sun and UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays also dries the skin.

Here are two common habits that dry out your skin:
- Taking a hot or too long bath or shower dries out the hydrolipidic barrier and dehydrates the skin.
- Cleaning too frequently or with too aggressive a soap dries out the skin barrier.
These two habits help to sensitize the skin in the long term and increase the risk of a reaction.


Which ingredients are preferred? 

To find more supple and elastic skin, adopt a skincare routine rich in humectants and emollients.
Humectants draw water into the skin to hydrate it, and emollients, like shea butter, strengthen the hydrolipidic film so that transepidermal water loss is lighter.
One of your allies in treating dry skin is vitamin B5, also known as panthenol. Vitamin B5 is mainly known for its moisturizing and soothing properties, but it also regulates sebum production.
Perfect for the most sensitive skin, jojoba, sea buckthorn or avocado oils are among the favorite natural oils for dry skin.

What products to help dry skin?

The important thing is to adopt very hydrating serums and mists, fairly rich day creams and night oils.
The rich cream is a moisturizing day cream that:
- Hydrates the skin
- Protects it from external aggressions
- Stimulates collagen production
This daily anti-dryness treatment is recommended for dry skin thanks to its high content of acerola, a fruit known for its dual moisturizing and toning action. The combination of three plant extracts contained in this cream, MEIRITAGE, increases the moisturizing power of the rich cream .

You can incorporate this rich cream into your morning and evening routine by applying a dab of cream to the face and décolleté. Its effectiveness will be reinforced by having previously applied the universal moisturizing mist enriched with aloe vera and rose water in order to benefit from prolonged hydration.

To seal moisture into your skin all night, night oil is the choice to make. With an ultra-replenishing night formula, its restorative actions, it supports the skin barrier. Its protective veil is deposited in the form of a light film on the skin and slows down evaporation for better moisturizing action. A true botanical concentrate of 14 100% natural super vegetable oils to activate the vital functions of the skin at rest! Find out more about this real night treatment 7 times out of stock.

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