Acné, kystes, imperfections, taches ou cicatrices ? Découvrez une routine tout en un pour affiner le grain de peau, prévenir les imperfections et uniformiser le teint.

Why choose the imperfections routine?

Stress, hormones, genetics… There are many factors causing imperfections . And since we've all been there before, we wanted to create a routine to prevent and erase imperfections in record time.

Why double cleansing?  

At the origin of imperfections, there are often blocked pores which become infected. Dead cells, debris, pollution or sebum, it is important to clean your pores every evening to prevent imperfections.

This is why we offer you double cleansing , with make-up removing oil and cleansing jelly. While it's already the best way to get rid of makeup, sunscreen or sebum, double cleansing purifies the skin without drying it out. This eliminates a cause of acne !

Most ? Both the cleansing oil and cleansing jelly are enriched with calendula to soothe the skin.

Why the purifying lotion?    

One of the four causes of acne is the overproduction of sebum . Also called seborrhea, excess sebum will interfere with the natural shedding of dead skin. The chances of having a blockage and its infection increase. Reducing sebum production therefore helps prevent imperfections.

This is why the purifying lotion is part of the imperfections routine. Concentrated in niacinamide , it reduces sebum production in the long term. The lotion hydrates and purifies the skin without attacking it.

Why the imperfections serum? 

Another reason for acne is the buildup of dead skin . If they are essential to the skin barrier and to protect against external aggressions, excesses should be avoided. And since sebum slows down flaking , exfoliation is another habit to get into to prevent acne.

The imperfections serum is therefore enriched with lactic acid, an AHA , to help the shedding of dead cells . Perfect for smoothing and refining skin texture!

Why moisturizer?

For skin to function well, hydration is key ! The moisturizer is enriched with acerola and vitamin B5 for intense and soothing hydration. Vitamin B5 also has healing properties : we therefore accelerate the healing of imperfections.

Why SOS Spot?

Because we can't avoid all pimples, the SOS Spot is there to reduce their intensity and speed up their healing. To treat the infection, the SOS spot is made with tea tree oil : antibacterial , it is also drying and makes the pimple disappear more quickly. Of course, clay, geranium and niacinamide help too.

Now you understand why we composed the imperfections routine like that!

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