Pourquoi choisir la routine Peau Normale ?

Why choose the Normal Skin routine?

You've hit the jackpot... Your skin is in perfect health! Hydrated, plump and radiant, you now have only one goal: to support your skin barrier. That's why we've put together a routine to keep you healthy, with the essentials.

Why double cleansing?

The causes of dull complexion are oxidation and free radicals. Small unstable particles, they attack the molecules of our cells and degrade them. And unfortunately, the air is rich in free radicals: pollution or tobacco smoke significantly increase their number.

This is why we offer you double cleansing , with make-up removing oil and cleansing jelly . While it's already the best way to get rid of makeup, sunscreen or sebum, double cleansing purifies the skin of pollution and free radicals. This prevents dull complexion, imperfections and slows down skin aging.

Most ? Both the cleansing oil and cleansing jelly are enriched with calendula to soothe the skin.

Why the hydrating mist?

To stay hydrated all day, we chose the hydrating mist . As a moment of self-care or efficiency, we advise you to apply a few sprays during your routine for better penetration of other products. Most ? It is enriched with aloe vera and rose extract to hydrate your skin and make it more toned. It also contains moisturizing sugars which help to set makeup.

Why anti-thirst serum?

Moisturizing your skin every day is essential: applying the anti-thirst serum provides all the humectants that the skin barrier needs. Acacia seed extract is a natural nugget . This shrub with deep roots knows how to adapt to the worst climatic conditions. It is for its ability to retain water that this ingredient has found its place in our dehydrated skin routine.

Why the radiance booster?

More than an antioxidant, vitamin C reduces hyperpigmentation and stimulates collagen production. And that’s good, our radiance booster is ultra concentrated in vitamin C! So just two to three drops are enough to keep skin glowing and increase oxidative protection. We do not recommend mixing it with a cream containing AHAs or retinols to avoid any potential irritation.

Why moisturizer?

Fluid or rich, our moisturizing cream hydrates and soothes the skin thanks to acerola and vitamin B5 . It nourishes the skin and strengthens the hydrolipidic film. Most ? Vitamin B5 soothes and repairs the skin. Perfect for supporting your skin barrier!

Why night oil?

Once the skin is hydrated, it is necessary to seal in this hydration and reduce transepidermal water loss . The different vegetable oils in the night oil then play the role of occlusive: in addition to nourishing the skin, making it softer and more supple , the hydration of the skin is maintained until waking up for radiant skin. early morning.

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