Tiraillement, inconfort, démangeaison ? Que faire pour la peau sèche ? Découvrez pourquoi nous avons créé cette routine sur mesure pour apporter confort, douceur et souplesse.

Why choose the dry skin routine?

Tightness, discomfort, itching or even bad flaking, there are many inconveniences caused by dryness. And since we've all had at least a glimpse of winter, we wanted to create a routine to nourish and comfort dry skin.

Dry skin is due to insufficient sebum production : the skin barrier functions poorly and does not retain enough water. In this state of constant dehydration, the lack of water causes discomfort, itching... It is for this reason that the dry skin routine aims to provide water and improve the ability to the skin to retain it .

Why cleansing oil?  

For the hydrolipidic film to properly retain the skin's hydration, it needs the sebum that we produce naturally. The cleansing step should not dehydrate the skin by being too aggressive.

This is why cleansing oil is in the dehydrated skin routine: its oily texture purifies the skin of impurities without attacking the skin barrier . Enriched with calendula , it nourishes and soothes the most sensitive skin.

Why the rehydrating mask?

Dry winter or the aftermath of the evening, we have designed the rehydrating mask for very dehydrated skin . As dry skin is often accompanied by dehydration, its enveloping texture brings comfort to uncomfortable skin: it penetrates the skin to hydrate the different layers.

Two types of hyaluronic acids , aloe vera and cucumber, provide a real wave of hydration to relieve tightness and sensitivity .

Why anti-thirst serum? 

Moisturizing your skin every day is essential: applying the anti-thirst serum provides all the humectants that the skin barrier needs. Acacia seed extract is a natural nugget . This shrub with deep roots knows how to adapt to the worst climatic conditions. It is for its ability to retain water that this ingredient has found its place in our dry skin routine.

Why moisturizer and hydrating booster?

With its rich and enveloping texture, our moisturizing cream hydrates and soothes the skin thanks to acerola and vitamin B5 . It nourishes the skin and strengthens the hydrolipidic film. Most ? It comforts the most dry skin and improves healing thanks to vitamin B5.

The hydrating booster is here to give you freedom. For intense tightness, 4 drops of our booster added to your moisturizer guarantee relief. Do you just want plumper, luminous skin ? Add 3 drops of the booster. Its ultra-concentrated formula in hyaluronic acid ensures continuous hydration of the skin.

Why night oil?

Once the skin is hydrated, it is necessary to seal in this hydration and reduce transepidermal water loss . The different vegetable oils in the night oil then play the role of occlusive: in addition to nourishing the skin, making it softer and more supple , the skin's hydration is maintained until waking up. It is therefore the must-have product in this routine for dry skin.

Now you understand why we put together the dry skin routine like this!

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