Teint terne ? Manque d'éclat ? Retrouvez un teint lumineux avec la routine teint terne de Seasonly

Why choose the dull complexion routine?

Fatigue, stress, climatic variations… There are many reasons for dull complexion . And since we've all been there before, we wanted to create a routine to regain a radiant complexion.

Why double cleansing?  

The causes of dull complexion are oxidation and free radicals. Small unstable particles, they attack the molecules of our cells and degrade them. And unfortunately, the air is rich in free radicals: pollution or tobacco smoke significantly increase their number.

This is why we offer you double cleansing , with make-up removing oil and cleansing jelly. While it's already the best way to get rid of makeup, sunscreen or sebum, double cleansing purifies the skin of pollution and free radicals . This eliminates a cause of dull complexion!

Most ? Both the cleansing oil and cleansing jelly are enriched with calendula to soothe the skin.

Why the peeling mask?    

Your skin is made up of several layers: dead skin accumulates on its surface which protects the dermis from external aggressions. However, when there are too many of them, the light reflects less on the skin: this is the start of a dull complexion! Exfoliating is therefore a good way to regain the glow .

The peeling mask gently dissolves dead cells to reveal a luminous complexion: it combines fruit enzymes , lactic acid and glycolic acid . Fruit enzymes act on the surface while AHAs work deep down to refine the skin's texture.

Why the anti-grey serum and the radiance booster? 

These two products are both enriched with antioxidants that support and protect the skin from free radicals. More than an antioxidant, vitamin C reduces hyperpigmentation and stimulates collagen production. Less known but just as effective, the red schisandra berry is an adaptogenic plant that protects the skin from oxidative stress.

The anti-grey serum and the radiance booster are therefore ideal allies in the prevention of oxidative stress!

Why moisturizer and night oil?

To maintain a radiant complexion, hydration is key ! The moisturizer is enriched with acerola and vitamin B5 for intense and soothing hydration. Among the 14 plant extracts, rice oil is present in the night oil. And it's great because we find ferulic acid in rice oil: it's a powerful antioxidant that brightens the complexion and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Now you understand why we created the dull complexion routine like this!

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