Pourquoi se masser le visage quand on est enceinte ?

Why massage your face when you are pregnant?

Pregnancy is a period of joy and anticipation but it can also be accompanied by certain tensions and discomfort, which is why we recommend that pregnant women and young mothers take advantage of this period to learn about facial massage.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Pregnancy can often come with increased stress and anxiety due to hormonal changes and concerns about the baby's arrival. Facial massage is a great way to relax and reduce those stress levels. The gentle, soothing movements of a massage professional's hands can release endorphins, the happy hormones, which promote a feeling of calm and well-being. Self-massage allows you to regain control and take a break of a few minutes alone which promotes relaxation.

Improvement of blood microcirculation

During pregnancy, many changes occur in the body, including an increase in blood volume. This can cause the face to feel swollen or numb. Facial massage stimulates blood microcirculation, thus promoting the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin. This can help reduce swelling and restore the skin's natural glow.

Relief of muscle tension

Many pregnant women suffer from muscle tension in the face, neck and shoulders. Hormonal changes, weight gain and postural adaptations can contribute to this pain. Facial massage specifically targets these tense areas, using pressure and kneading gestures to relax muscles and reduce stiffness. It can provide immediate relief and help improve overall comfort.

Stimulation of the lymphatic system

Facial massage can also stimulate the lymphatic system, which plays a vital role in removing toxins and waste from the body. During pregnancy, lymphatic circulation may be slowed, which can lead to fluid retention and a feeling of bloat. By promoting lymphatic drainage, facial massage can help reduce these problems and improve skin clarity.

Improved skin hydration

Pregnancy can sometimes lead to dehydration of the skin due to hormonal changes, the skin is drier, it can feel tight and mark more quickly. Facial massage can help stimulate the skin's production of natural oils, improving its hydration. Additionally, using moisturizing oils or creams during massage can enhance this nourishing action, leaving facial skin soft and more comfortable. The little extra? If you are pregnant our facialists use our Sensitive Skin Night Oil for your facial massage, a cocktail of 14 natural active ingredients that contains no perfume or essential oil.

Facial massage during pregnancy is a relaxing and beneficial experience for expectant mothers. Not only does it help reduce stress and anxiety, but it also offers a host of other benefits such as improving blood micro-circulation, relieving muscle tension, stimulating the lymphatic system and hydrating skin. Would you like to make an appointment in one of our Skin Studios? Find the massage that suits you among our selection.

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