Quel est le meilleur anti-âge naturel ?

What is the best natural anti-aging?

This is the question you ask us most often. In recent years, many of you have chosen to avoid classic anti-aging techniques such as treatments containing retinol (retinoids) or botox injections in order to favor more natural and skin-friendly methods. But what is the best solution to maintain plump skin for longer and effectively smooth wrinkles? 

It is first important to understand how skin works and why fine lines and wrinkles appear before you can find the right solution. 

What is the difference between a fine line and a wrinkle?

We generally speak of fine lines to define shallow wrinkles which very lightly mark the skin but create small furrows which can appear very early, from the twenties. These fine lines are most often the result of a lack of hydration in the skin and can deepen over time to transform into wrinkles. 

A wrinkle will be deeper and most often located on the parts of the face which are most stimulated by everyday expressions such as the forehead with the Lion's wrinkle or the outer corners of the eyes with the famous crow's feet wrinkle. . These wrinkles are also linked to the drop in production of elastin, a protein naturally present in the skin which allows it to maintain its elasticity. 

How to take care of your skin and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? 

Many factors can impact the premature aging of your skin, such as alcohol, tobacco or even fatigue, but not only that!

If your skin is marked and you are under 35 years old , then it is likely that your skin is dehydrated. Indeed, our skin needs to be hydrated daily, whatever your skin type, whether oily or dry (it is the lipid (fat) intake that will need to be modulated depending on the type). skin, not water intake!). Thus, a moisturizer that does not contain comedogenic ingredients may be suitable for all skin types.

We advise you to use a moisturizing serum every day, whatever your skin type and to use a moisturizing cream morning and evening, choose a light texture if your skin is combination and favor more generous textures if you have dries to nourish your skin. The little extra? If your skin is combination, moisturizing it will help balance it and naturally reduce sebum production.

If you are over 35 and your skin is showing the first signs of skin aging, opt for a night oil to nourish your skin and provide it with lipids and moisturize it daily with a hydrating serum and a suitable moisturizer. to your skin type. We would advise people with more mature skin to opt for a rich moisturizer that will be more suited to their needs.

Put your face to sport and try facial gymnastics

A healthy lifestyle and a suitable routine will not always be enough to restore your skin's suppleness and permanently fade wrinkles. At Seasonly, we believe in the transformative power of facial gym and self-massage and we advise you to massage your face every day using precise gestures adapted to your skin problem.

Like your body, your face is made up of nearly 50 muscles that must be worked. Massaging your face helps relax them, smooth the skin and stimulate blood microcirculation. A few minutes each day are enough to obtain visible results. 

Which accessory to choose to start facial gym?

Massage accessories are not essential, it is entirely possible to introduce yourself to facial gymnastics by massaging your skin with your hands, making sure to always perform movements from the center of the face outwards and downwards. up.

You can also opt for accessories such as Gua Sha which allows you to massage more deeply and focus on areas that are difficult to access such as the nasolabial fold, the roots of the eyebrows or even use boulado, this small accessory with a palpated-draining movement which will allow you to decongest the skin and boost blood microcirculation. 

The tip of our facialists: to meet demand, we have developed the 21-Day Challenge, a routine composed of a Night Oil, a Moisturizing Serum and a Gua Sha in rose quartz which comes with a complete 21-day video program to teach you the basic techniques of facial gymnastics. 

What if the best anti-aging was facial exercise?

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