Vrai ou faux : la protection solaire empêche de bronzer ?

True or false: sun protection prevents you from tanning?

Regardless of the duration of sun exposure, it is essential to protect the skin with sunscreen to prevent various problems such as photoaging, sunburn and pigment spots. However, is it possible to tan effectively using a high factor sunscreen?

The answer is no.

Sunscreen does not completely block your tan. Even with a high index, it does not fully protect against UVA and UVB rays. Some of these rays always manage to reach the skin, thus triggering the tanning process. In other words, applying sunscreen does not stop melanin production. Its main role is to absorb (if it contains organic filters) and/or reflect (if it contains mineral filters) UV rays, and not to reduce the production of melanin.

Does sunscreen impact your skin microbiota?

Recently, more and more consumers are wondering about the impact of sunscreen on the skin microbiota.

What is the skin microbiota?

The skin, our largest organ, is colonized by a complex ecosystem of microorganisms, known as the skin microbiota. This microbiota plays a crucial role in the health and balance of our skin, influencing everything from its protective barrier to its immune response.
The skin microbiota refers to the diverse population of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms that reside on the surface of our skin. This microbiotic community varies from person to person and even from one body region to another. There are beneficial microorganisms that help maintain skin health by protecting against pathogenic invaders, regulating inflammation, and promoting wound healing.

What happens when it comes into contact with sunscreen?

Using sunscreen is essential to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, such as premature aging and the risk of skin cancer. However, certain ingredients found in sunscreens can have an impact on the skin microbiota .

Some chemical UV filters, such as oxybenzone, have antibacterial properties that can disrupt the balance of the skin's microbiota by eliminating beneficial microorganisms. As well as the preservatives and emulsifiers contained in sunscreens can also alter the skin environment, thus affecting the diversity and abundance of the microbiota.

Repeated and excessive application of sunscreen can also create an occlusive environment on the skin, promoting the growth of opportunistic microorganisms that could disrupt the balance of the microbiota. It is for this reason that it is necessary to carefully check the composition of your sunscreen with gentle and non-disruptive ingredients can help minimize the harmful effects on the microbiota while providing effective sun protection.

How to choose the right sun protection for a tan without sunburn?


The choice depends on each person's phototype, defined according to Fitzpatrick's classification. This classification divides skin into 6 phototypes, depending on hair color, skin tone, sensitivity to the sun and type of tan:

Phototypes I and II: SPF 50:

People with red hair with freckles and very fair skin (phototype I) as well as those with blond hair and fair skin (phototype II) should favor sun protection with an SPF 50 index.

Phototypes III and IV: SPF 30 to 50:

Individuals with brown hair and light skin (phototype III) or brown/brown with slightly olive skin (phototype IV) should choose sun protection with an SPF index between 30 and 50.

Phototypes V and VI: SPF 15 to 30:

For mixed skin (phototype V) or black skin (phototype VI), sun protection with an SPF index of 15 to 30 is generally sufficient for good protection.

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This two-phase serum-in-oil is composed of Thalitan and Karanja, two key ingredients to boost the skin during sun exposure. Karanja prepares the skin for the sun and prevents skin aging linked to the harmful effects of UV rays. Thalitan stimulates the synthesis of melanin in order to accelerate and prolong the tan. The formula is completed with Melanobronze as well as oils rich in beta-carotene to provide a regular and natural tan that lasts over time.

Use our Tan Boost serum-in-oil as a treatment between 1 to 4 weeks before exposure, then during exposure and up to 1 month after exposure. Use it in place of your serum or just after morning and/or evening. Remember to shake the product before use to activate the formula. Our Tan Boost serum-in-oil is non-photosensitizing and allergen-free. Its two-phase formula provides an oil-in-water effect which leaves a silky finish on the skin.

This product is not a self-tanner, it does not artificially tint the skin with the risk of a non-uniform orange color. We wanted to create a product that was easy to use, to slip into your routine without the risk of having marks. This is why we have chosen active ingredients that reproduce the action of UV rays by stimulating the production of natural melanin in the skin.

This product does not contain SPF, suitable sun protection is therefore mandatory. Obviously, we recommend not exposing yourself to the sun or choosing moderate exposure and always outside the most intense hours (12 p.m. - 4 p.m.).

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