The Spring Booster | 30 minutes

Imagined by our facialists to detoxify the skin at the end of winter, the Spring Booster protocol was designed in partnership with the beauty tech brand Nooance in order to boost its repairing and anti-inflammatory effect. This protocol activates lymphatic drainage, reoxygenates cells, deeply exfoliates the skin using the micropeel and stimulates collagen production with the Nooance professional mask. Thanks to its 198 LEDs, the powerful irradiance of the mask will boost the skin's radiance. The objective? Repair skin weakened by the cold in winter and prepare it for the first exposures.

Suitable for all skin types, Spring Booster smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces imperfections, repairs damaged cells, smoothes skin texture and prevents the appearance of pigment spots while boosting the radiance of the complexion.


Durée disponible

  • 30 min.

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