gym faciale ou yoga du visage

Why take up facial gymnastics or “facial yoga”?

Facial gym, also called “facial yoga”, is a natural practice complementary to dermo-cosmetic treatments to fight against the damage suffered by our skin on a daily basis and prevent the signs of aging. It consists of lifting your face with massages which will stimulate it and restore its radiance and youth. So before moping around and rather than running to your cosmetic surgeon, take the time to learn and practice the “gym face” to continue to shine!

The benefits of facial exercise

The benefits of this discipline are numerous. This activity is already proving to be a real moment of relaxation for you! In the morning when you wake up or in the evening after a long day, taking a few minutes to do these exercises will erase all the tension accumulated on your face.
In addition to granting you this moment of well-being, your skin will be even better. Over the years, muscle fibers relax and the loss of collagen affects its firmness. With small, regular massage and stimulation exercises for each part of the face, the subcutaneous muscles are used; blood microcirculation is activated within the dermis, allowing better oxygenation of the skin tissues. The gym face therefore helps keep the skin firm and plump, wrinkles are smoothed and the complexion is more radiant. A facial tone that everyone will envy!

How to practice facial gymnastics?

This gymnastics can be practiced by both women and men; it may be interesting to start it from the age of 30, when collagen production no longer occurs. It is also suitable for all skin types.

There's no need to dedicate several hours of your day to this activity: a few minutes are enough! In the morning, in the evening during your skincare routine or during the day... The important thing is to practice facial yoga every day on a regular basis. At the beginning, stand in front of a mirror to observe and control your movements. This will also prevent you from unnecessarily contracting certain parts of the face.

And in terms of results?

The first results can be visible from the first week. By activating circulation, dark circles will already be less marked. To see a real result on the firmness, wrinkles and luminosity of your complexion, wait a few weeks. Note that each person responds in a different way to these stimulations. While some will see immediate changes, others will only feel them a few weeks later.

To practice it at home, we recommend our Skin Studio At Home offer: with our facialists, develop a personalized self-massage protocol for your skin problem, where you will learn the best Face Gym gestures and techniques for effective fast and optimal. Over the course of the sessions, you will notice a reduction in your signs of fatigue (dark circles, bags under the eyes, etc.) and will find skin that is more beautiful, firm and radiant with youth!

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