Quelle est la différence entre les AHAs et les acides de fruits ?

What is the difference between AHAs and fruit acids?

Little known a few years ago, two groups of ingredients are now widely favored by cosmetic brands: alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and fruit active ingredients, two natural active ingredients recognized for their exfoliating properties, but you know How can you distinguish between these two categories and determine which one is best for your skin?

What are AHAs?

AHAs are a group of water-soluble organic acids that come from natural sources such as milk, sugar cane and certain fruits. The most common are:

Glycolic acid: extracted from sugar cane.

Lactic acid: present in fermented milk.

Malic acid: found in apples.

Citric acid: present in citrus fruits.

Tartaric acid: from grapes.

AHAs function mainly as exfoliants, they help to loosen and eliminate dead skin cells which improves the radiance of the complexion, the texture of the skin and stimulates cell renewal.

What are AHAs found in? In our Anti-Grey Peeling Mask which contains AHAs to exfoliate the skin and reveal its natural radiance.

What are fruit acids?

Fruit actives are compounds extracted from fruits, they can include a variety of skin-beneficial substances such as vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and even AHAs.

Fruit actives provide a range of benefits from hydration and nourishment to exfoliation and antioxidant protection. For example, vitamins C and E commonly found in many fruits are powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage.

What are fruit acids found in? In our New Skin Mask which contains pomegranate enzymes, a fruit acid well tolerated by sensitive skin.

AHAs, fruit acids, what are the differences?

Their origin: Although AHAs often come from fruits, not all fruit active ingredients are AHAs. Fruit actives encompass a much wider range of compounds.

Their function: AHAs are mainly exfoliating while fruit active ingredients can offer a multitude of benefits depending on their specific composition.

Their concentration and effectiveness: Products containing AHAs generally have a specified concentration which determines their effectiveness. Fruit actives can vary in concentration and effectiveness depending on the source and processing of the fruit.

The choice between AHAs and fruit active ingredients depends above all on your skin type and your needs. If you are looking for more intense exfoliation, AHAs will be preferable. If you want a gentler and nutritious approach, opt for products based on fruit active ingredients, which are particularly well tolerated by sensitive skin.

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