Behind the scenes : épisode 2

Behind the scenes: episode 2

In this 2nd episode behind the scenes, we meet to talk about clean formulation but what does clean beauty mean when there is no definition or charter? We will explain everything to you.

Our product development charter

At Seasonly, we are convinced that it is not an isolated cream that can be “dangerous” for you and your skin, it is rather the fact that today we cannot control our exposome. Every day we apply around 150 ingredients to our skin, in addition to pollution, diet, household products, etc. These are all factors that have an impact on your skin. So, we want to give you back control of this exposure with clean products, formulated without controversial ingredients. It's because we know what's under your skin that we take care of it too. For us, developing clean products must become the standard of tomorrow.

We have therefore decided to exclude certain families of ingredients from our formulas; either because they are the subject of scientific studies on a potential risk linked to their use (we do this as a precautionary principle!), or because they have a proven harmful or irritating effect. We also take into account not only ingredients that can have an impact on the skin but also those that have an ecotoxic impact.

To create this charter, we surrounded ourselves with experts; toxicologists, pharmacologists and formulators and particularly Candice Colin, creator of the Clean Beauty application. We do not claim to hold a universal truth but we make our development choices according to what we think is best for your skin; effective ingredients, sensoriality, immediate and lasting effects, without superfluities.

However, it is important to remember that we have the advantage, in Europe, of having the strictest regulations in the world in terms of cosmetic regulations - which is already a first step towards cleaner formulas. As these regulations are constantly evolving, we regularly update our clean beauty charter (last update date in December 2021 and it is also accessible right here ).

Our formulas

For our formulas, we choose to combine complexes of active ingredients with clinical effectiveness proven by numerous studies such as hyaluronic acid (of different molecular weights), panthenol, vitamin C, niacinamide, bakuchiol and AHAs, which can be both natural and synthetic, with raw plant ingredients recognized for many years for their virtues, such as achiote oil, rosehip, jojoba or avocado, for example.

Our formulas are composed of at least 95% ingredients of natural origin and with a maximum of 1% synthetic fragrance. We use either allergen-free or natural fragrances.

Our products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin (and are obviously not tested on animals but as a reminder, this has been banned in Europe for a long time!).

We also pay close attention to our packaging at the same time. Our glass bottles, for example, are recyclable - including the pipette if there is one. Our cases are made near Paris and are made from FSC cardboard (i.e. from responsible forests). When we can, we do not use glue and we have chosen to limit as much as possible all plastic secondary packaging which we replace with FSC cardboard (for the spacers of certain boxes for example).

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