Comment se déroule un soin chez Seasonly ?

How does a treatment take place at Seasonly?

Many of you often ask us what happens during a treatment, what the effects are on your skin and how long they last... We tell you everything.

What are the stages of treatment?

In general, all our treatments take place in 3 key stages (there are, however, certain protocols which have a few more stages because they last longer or use specific techniques).

The 3 key steps in general are:

  • Skin cleansing,
  • The massage,
  • Applying a personalized routine.

Before starting your treatment, your facialist will ask you how your skin feels at the moment and what problem(s) you wish to target. This will allow him to possibly adapt certain stages of the treatment and to better advise you at the end of your treatment.

In the 30-minute format, cleansing is done with cleansing oil and in the 1-hour format it is a double cleansing with the additional cleansing jelly step. To know ; our facialists do not remove eye makeup!

For the massage stage, all our protocols belong to us and mix - depending on the objectives of the treatment - techniques of muscle stretching, Face Sculpting , lymphatic drainage and Kobido.

Then, as the final step of the treatment, your facialist will apply a personalized routine to prolong the effects of the treatment. Very often this includes the application of a mist, a serum, a cream or an eye serum and cream with the passage of a massage accessory to promote the penetration of the active ingredients and "cool" the skin.

What are the effects of the treatment on the skin?

During the treatment you will feel a heating of the skin which is due both to the stimulation of blood microcirculation but also to the work that our facialists do on your facial muscles. Just as you warm up before playing sports, our facialists stretch and stretch your muscles before working them. The skin temperature increases and the skin reddens; This is completely normal. This manual stimulation causes superficial vasodilation of the lymphatics and capillaries thanks to the increase in the volume and speed of blood circulation. This allows for better oxygenation of the cells and is what gives you, in particular, the post-massage healthy glow effect. So don't worry if your skin reddens and remains red a few minutes after the treatment. It's actually a sign that your skin is receptive and that it has worked well! For the most sensitive skin, the redness may last a little longer, without impact on the skin of course.

You may also sometimes feel muscle contractions that you cannot control. This is completely normal and is due to all the nerve connections we have in the face. The most important thing is not to try to control and relax your skin as much as possible so that the muscles are relaxed and not contracted.

The treatment should never hurt. If you feel that the pressure is too much for you, tell your facialist so that she can adapt it. Some skins are much more sensitive than others, and their type or thickness does not matter.

At the end of the treatment, your skin is generally plump, smoother, the complexion is even and you look refreshed. The results are extremely visible on fine lines and wrinkles; working on the muscles allows you to stretch and “break” wrinkles. In addition, the blood flow swells the muscles and therefore provides a tightening effect on the surface of the skin. Then, the contours of the face and in particular the oval are particularly redrawn thanks to lymphatic drainage. The oval of the face is an area that tends to accumulate and therefore its contours are less defined when the lymph works in slow motion. Thanks to the elimination of toxins you will see that your face feels much less congested. The results are truly transformative, we often encourage you to take a photo just before the treatment and a photo just after so you can see the difference!

How long do the effects last?

The effects are immediate and last for a few days. We tend to say that the results are even more visible the next day upon waking up because cellular regeneration during the night has been boosted. Obviously, it’s like sport; if you do a 1 hour session every 6 months you will not have the same results as if you do a daily session, even if it does not last 1 hour. The most important thing to prolong the effects of massage is regularity. You can therefore maintain these results thanks to self-massage at home, for example. If you do 2 to 3 minutes of massage per day, you will already see a very big difference in your skin. We advise you to do this when removing makeup with oil, for example, so as not to add another step.

Then, we generally recommend doing massages as a “cure”; especially during seasonal changes. An attack phase first with one treatment per week for 3 weeks: this helps boost cell renewal over a complete cycle in order to improve the skin's regeneration capabilities. And then to come for an interview once a month, with of course, a good routine alongside. If you massage regularly but don't moisturize your skin, it may not work as well as expected.

Finally, the more you train your skin, the more it will adopt certain reflexes. By massaging and getting massaged regularly, you improve your blood system and lymphatic system which are the keys to healthy skin.

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