Comment se nettoyer le visage quand on a la peau sensible ?

How to clean your face when you have sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin requires special attention when it comes to cleansing and removing makeup. Indeed, external aggressions, unsuitable products and even makeup can cause irritation and unwanted reactions: tight skin, redness... what if you opted for a gentle routine for the skin?

What is sensitive skin?

People with sensitive skin have a weaker skin barrier, making them more likely to react to irritants and allergens. Common signs of sensitive skin include redness, dryness, itching, and a tight feeling.

Use a cleansing oil

No more micellar waters and the use of cotton which alter the skin's hydrolipidic film; to gently remove makeup and rid the skin of impurities, opt for a makeup remover oil. Seasonly makeup remover oil has been specially formulated for sensitive skin, thanks to the presence in its composition of Calendula, Safflower and Coconut oil, it soothes irritated skin, nourishes and protects the skin from dehydration by strengthening its hydrolipidic film.

The little extra? Its texture which transforms into milk on contact with water and allows gentle make-up removal which does not require the use of cotton pads or wipes, simply use circular movements on a damp face to remove make-up and impurities.

Opt for a double cleanse

For days when your pores seem congested (heavy makeup, heat, humidity), we advise you to double cleanse, this technique consisting of combining a makeup remover oil with a gentle facial cleanser to cleanse the skin in depth without attacking it. .

Enriched with Calendula, Seasonly Cleansing Jelly gently purifies the skin; you just need to use a small amount of product to cleanse the face.

The little extra? The presence in its formula of soothing ingredients that leave the skin comfortable.

And after cleaning, what to do?

If your skin is particularly irritated or overheated, it is best to leave it alone as much as possible and return to an extremely minimalist routine. For example after your cleansing, if you don't necessarily need to apply cream, opt for a few drops of vegetable oils , preferably suitable for sensitive skin. Vegetable oils will provide the skin with the nutrients it needs and, above all, it is the texture that will be the most comfortable so as not to create new tightness.

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