La routine de nuit en trois temps qui transforme la peau

The three-step night routine that transforms the skin

If the products you apply to your skin in the evening are important, it is because the skin reaches its peak of cellular regeneration at night, so the objective is to give it everything it needs to recover from the aggressions of the day and strengthen yourself.

At Seasonly, we have imagined Night Reset , a three-step routine accompanied by a massage accessory to target each skin problem, whether it is wrinkles, dry skin or lack of firmness.

What products does the routine consist of?

Make-up remover oil

To gently cleanse the skin and gently remove impurities and makeup. Formulated from a blend of vegetable oils such as calendula oil, Carthage oil or coconut oil, it soothes the skin and leaves it comfortable and nourished.

Most ? No need for cotton to use it, its texture transforms into milk on contact with water for quick and easy rinsing.

Like you, your skin needs to eat and drink to function properly, so it's important to hydrate and nourish it every day, regardless of its type. Applying a fluid cream helps hydrate and plump the skin by providing the right dose of water without weighing it down. Its formula based on panthenol and acerola promotes skin repair and stimulates collagen production.

Most ? Our Fluid Cream acts in synergy with the Night Oil to prevent dehydration, a consequence of the skin rubbing against bedding which absorbs water.

What is your skin missing now? A lipid intake which will enable it to activate its restorative functions while you sleep. Thanks to the presence in its composition of 14 natural oils including rosehip, rich in omega 3, white fir seed, rich in polyphenols and marshmallow root, our Night Oil acts like a dressing for the skin by preventing the dehydration while boosting the radiance of the complexion.

Most ? Its smell and texture which seals in hydration and facilitates facial massage.

Why should you massage your skin in the evening?

If we added a massage accessory to this night routine it is because we believe in the power of facial massage which for us is the best anti-aging and the answer to many problems. By massaging your face every evening, you relax your muscles and avoid tension which is often the cause of the first wrinkles. It also allows you to drain the lymph located deep under the skin and send toxins to the lymph nodes. located at the base of the neck, near the collarbones. Massage therefore helps the skin to relieve impurities and stress accumulated during the day.

To learn more, check out your article on the benefits of facial massage .

Which massage accessory to choose according to your problem?

Gua Sha - Lifting and sculpting action

It is the most expert facial massage tool, it helps drain lymph and decongest the face. Used daily, it relaxes muscles and smoothes facial features for an anti-wrinkle action.

The Mushroom - Smoothing and draining action

This accessory allows you to target hard-to-reach areas such as the eye area. Kept cool, it effectively decongests and drains pockets to restart blood microcirculation.

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