Qu'est-ce que les cosmétiques vegan ?

What are vegan cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics are beauty products that do not contain ingredients of animal origin or derived from animals. These cosmetics are increasingly popular with consumers looking for beauty products that respect animals and the environment. At Seasonly, we have made the bet to offer vegan products and to formulate products without any ingredients of animal origin.

No animal ingredients

Vegan cosmetics do not contain ingredients of animal origin such as beeswax, lanolin and animal collagen and favor ingredients of plant or synthetic origin, making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Animal friendly

Vegan cosmetics are not tested on animals, meaning no animals have been harmed or killed in the production of the products, rather they use in vitro testing or testing on human volunteers to ensure safety and the effectiveness of the products.


Vegan cosmetics are most often made from natural ingredients, which makes them more environmentally friendly than conventional cosmetics.


Vegan cosmetics are often more innovative than conventional cosmetics. Vegan cosmetics manufacturers often use lesser-known and innovative ingredients such as plant-based hyaluronic acid , rosehip oil, and green tea leaf extract to create unique and effective beauty products.

How to choose vegan cosmetics?

When choosing vegan cosmetics, it is important to read product labels carefully, check the ingredient list to ensure that no animal ingredients are used.

Common ingredients in vegan cosmetics include:

  • Vegetable oils: Vegetable oils are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, making them ideal for hydrating and nourishing the skin . Common botanical oils used in vegan cosmetics include argan oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.
  • Plant extracts: Plant extracts are used for their healing properties for the skin. Herbal extracts commonly used in vegan cosmetics include aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, rose and green tea.
  • Plant butters: Plant butters are rich in fatty acids and vitamins, making them ideal for hydrating and nourishing the skin. Plant butters commonly used in vegan cosmetics include shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter.

In conclusion, vegan cosmetics are a great option for those looking for beauty products that respect animals and the environment. With their natural and innovative ingredients, their gentleness on the skin and their adaptability to all skin types, vegan cosmetics can help enhance your natural beauty while respecting animals and the environment.

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