Testés & Approuvés : Découvrez les coups de coeur de l’équipe

Tested & Approved: Discover the team's favorites

At Seasonly, skincare excellence is more than just a promise: it's our daily commitment. Indeed, passion for skincare is anchored in the very DNA of our teams. Every day, we put our heart and expertise into thoroughly testing our new products, integrating them into our daily routines. Today, we are delighted to share with you the favorite products of three members of our team: Charlotte, Aliénor and Romain.

TensioLift oil, the new 100% natural product that reproduces the action of botox 

TensioLift oil is the 100% natural alternative to injections. Its clean and vegan formula is enriched with Spilanthes, a natural active ingredient known for its muscle-relaxing effects which reduces tension in facial muscles and minimizes the appearance of expression lines.

We share the opinion of Charlotte, Influence & Partnership Manager :

I am a huge fan of TensioLift. I'm gradually getting closer to thirty and even if my wrinkles are really very light, I can directly see the lifted appearance after application. I also find that the effect on my complexion is a real game changer: my skin is much softer, supple and luminous. I only put it on in the evening because I tend to have combination skin and I also saw a real difference on my acne spots, which are much lighter. What I also do to have brighter skin is that I take collagen in powder form which I add to my morning coffee. It's really not bad because it allows me to complete the action of the TensioLift oil by regenerating the tissues of my skin and therefore it becomes even more supple. It’s my perfect combo!

Sensitive Skin night oil , which regenerates the skin while you sleep

You probably already know it. Night oil for sensitive skin is a 100% natural facial oil composed of 14 super-ingredients which activate the vital functions of the skin at rest. Multi-action and highly restorative, it attacks skin dryness, tired features and lack of radiance while fighting against the appearance of fine lines.

Here is the opinion of Aliénor, Alternante Content Manager :

I use the special sensitive skin night oil and I'm a fan. As I have blemished skin and hormonal acne, my skin can sometimes be dried out by treatments, and my skin barrier is weakened. Since I used the night oil, my skin heals faster, and I have less irritation the next day. I also feel like the product helps reduce inflammation, so perfect for breakouts, like acne scars. I'm a fan of Korean-style layering. Above all, this technique allows me to have the right steps for my morning and evening routines and avoid having new spots. In the evening, for example, it looks like this: double cleansing, lotion, essence, serum (less concentrated if prone to spots, I recommend a Centella-based serum), then eye contour, night cream and night oil to finish ".

Rich cream , an ideal face cream for dry skin

The rich cream is a moisturizing cream enriched with acerola, a super-fruit full of antioxidants, which stimulates the production of collagen. With its active vitamin B5, it is very well tolerated by sensitive skin. It is available in a rich and enveloping texture for dry skin, to be used morning and evening.

This is the favorite product of Romain, Artistic Director :

As someone who has sensitive, relatively dry skin and doesn't really like textures that are too liquid, finding a moisturizing cream is not always easy. I found my happiness with the rich cream. A good smell and a pleasant texture, my skin is hydrated for the whole day. The little extra, no shine, my skin remains matte from morning to evening.

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