Un tout nouveau protocole disponible dans nos Skin Studios

A brand new protocol available in our Skin Studios

Still not very widespread in France, intraoral massage nevertheless offers astonishing benefits on the face. Far from being unpleasant, this innovative treatment aims to sculpt the face from inside the mouth while eliminating hypertonia and muscle tension, often the cause of wrinkles and sagging skin.

The intraoral protocol: what is it?

The new intraoral protocol is an effective response to preventing the signs of skin aging, without resorting to surgical intervention. This exclusive technique acts on the lower third of the face by relaxing the muscles, to lift the face, fight against sagging skin, and plump up the nasolabial folds.

Intervening directly inside the mouth then allows you to target the underlying facial muscles, which are located under the other numerous skin and masticatory muscles. This allows the massage to be even more effective for a face transformed from the inside out, offering very visible results from the first session.

How does it take place?

Lasting 30 minutes, the intraoral protocol includes double cleaning and double massage. First of all, our facialists remove makeup with our cleansing oil . Then, this first step is completed by the second cleansing, using the cleansing and soothing facial jelly .

The first part of the massage is first done on the entire face with deep stretching of the muscles in order to prepare the face for the second massage, this time intraoral. This consists of a 100% natural lifting method which will relax the muscles, tone the skin and tighten facial features. By combining external techniques applied to the surface of the skin with internal manipulations carried out inside the mouth, intraoral massage targets specific areas of the face, such as the nasolabial folds, or the oval of the face, which will be completely redesigned.

What are its benefits on the face?

The intraoral protocol offers a series of benefits on the face, but also on general well-being. It allows the muscles of the mouth, cheeks and the oval of the face to relax in depth. The action of “grasping” the muscles from inside the mouth allows tensions to be targeted to relieve them. Also, muscle relaxation allows deep and lasting relaxation. This treatment is also ideal for smoothing the skin and plumping up perioral wrinkles and bitterness lines (nasolabial folds) which are sometimes difficult to work on with an external massage. Finally, it will work on the oval of the face, which makes it perfect for decongesting the double chin and firming the cheeks and the oval of the face. This will help outline the jaw.

This massage is particularly suitable for people who have sagging skin on the lower face or who, for example, are prone to bruxism or muscular tension in the neck and trapezius.

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