Faut-il appliquer un sérum pour le contour des yeux ?

Should you apply a serum around the eyes?

We often hear that applying at least one cream daily is enough to take care of our skin. However, the skin on the face is not uniform: some parts are more fragile than others, such as that around the eyes for example. More delicate and finer , it is particularly prone to fine lines, dark circles and sagging skin. Applying products that specifically target the needs of this area of ​​the face is therefore essential.

A serum to deeply hydrate the eye area

Why not use a “regular” moisturizer for your eyes? The answer may seem obvious, but few people use a serum specifically designed for the eye area. Unlike the rest of the face, this skin only has a small quantity of sebaceous glands, responsible for the production of sebum, the skin's natural moisturizing agent. This sebum deficiency makes the eye area more vulnerable to dryness and visible signs of aging. It is also poor in collagen and elastin fibers, which give strength and suppleness to the skin, respectively.

Thus, taking effective care of your eye area involves the application of a serum whose fluid and light texture will deeply hydrate this area. Choose serums rich in hyaluronic acid or hyaluronic acid precursors such as biosaccharides like our Anti-fatigue Eye Serum which hydrates, stimulates cell renewal and boosts the production of collagen and elastin.

Your ideal ally for a brighter and more refreshed look

One of the main benefits of applying an eye serum is that it will reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags for a more alert look. By applying it morning and evening, it protects the eyes from external aggressions, prevents the coloring of dark circles but also smoothes it and makes it more radiant.

To save hours during the week in 1 application, we advise you to opt for serums which, like our Anti-fatigue Eye Serum , are rich in green tea, caffeine and probiotics for instantly illuminated eyes.

Caring for the first area of ​​the face to show signs of aging

Overloaded by its 22 muscles in perpetual movement, the skin around the eyes is the first area to show the signs of aging. Most of the time, it is the slowing down of blood microcirculation over time that will cause poor vascularization and poor lymphatic drainage, making the skin more fragile and more dehydrated. The skin around the eyes then becomes even thinner and less supple, which allows dark circles and bags to show through even more.

To prevent the appearance of skin aging markers, it is recommended to apply a serum around the eyes which will contain pomegranate, a fruit known for its anti-wrinkle properties and its immediate tightening effect, coupled with niacinamide, which restores normal flow to the blood capillaries through a vascular-protective effect. In addition to a serum, then applying an eye cream, such as our Anti-Aging Eye Cream, is essential because its action complements that of the serum. In fact, it plumps up the eye contour and smoothes fine lines for a rejuvenated and lifted look.

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