Article Gift Guide #2

Item Gift Guide #2

Christmas is fast approaching, and what could be better than offering your loved ones the opportunity to switch to a 100% clean and vegan skincare routine? This is what we offer you with our best-selling duos and trios or our Coup d’Éclat set for a guaranteed luminous complexion.

Our trios to discover self-massage

Do you want to introduce facial massage to your loved ones? Then we have the perfect gift. Our discovery trios consist of our best-sellers: the Night Oil in 5ml format with 14 super-active ingredients which regenerate the skin and the TensioLift Oil which targets the 8 signs of skin aging for lifted and plumped skin. To penetrate the active ingredients even more effectively, our sets include a massage tool; such as boulado, a 100% artisanal tool made in France, developed to achieve a palpated-draining movement or Gua Sha Quartz, perfect for an enhanced firming, toning and lifting action.

For those who already have one of these massage accessories, you can also opt for the discovery trio box which this time includes our New Skin Mask in 15ml format. Its enveloping texture transforms into oil and allows you to massage. In addition, its concentration of fruit enzymes ensures a new skin effect in just 21 days.

Finally, for those who would like to start self-massage but don't know where to start; we recommend the 21-Day Challenge. A digital facial gym program that teaches you self-massage in 21 days. This box contains Night Oil, Gua Sha Quartz as well as our Anti-Thirst Serum to plump and deeply hydrate the skin.

Our Coup d’Éclat box

Available exclusively at Sephora, our Coup d'Éclat set is the ideal gift. Composed of 3 treatment essentials, it offers a 3-step skincare routine for luminous, toned skin and smoothed features.

You will find two Seasonly best-selling treatments:

  • The New Skin Mask in its large format which is a gentle exfoliating mask with a gel-in-oil texture based on pomegranate enzymes to restore new skin in 21 days,
  • Night Oil in its 5ml format, which is a concentrate of 14 super ingredients that nourish, repair the skin and reveal the radiance of the complexion.

For deeper penetration of active ingredients, these two products are combined with the Opal Roller with moisturizing properties. It smoothes fine lines and stimulates microcirculation. Exclusive tutorials to discover the benefits of self-massage in 3 minutes a day are also included in the box.

So, ready to find the perfect gift for your loved ones?

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Night Oil

Night Oil

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