Interview Clean Beauty Board : Arlette Baillet-Guffroy, docteur en pharmacologie cutanée

Clean Beauty Board interview: Arlette Baillet-Guffroy, doctor in skin pharmacology

When Arlette talks to us about stratum corneum and ceramides, she warns us: I'm a scientist, I don't know how to communicate!

That's good, we weren't looking for a communicator but someone who knew how to decipher truth from falsehood and put us back on the right track.

o   Your journey in a few words

I studied pharmacy. Then, I was a lecturer at university while working as an expert for pharmaceutical laboratories. My field is ceramides and lipids overall. My field of analysis, the skin barrier. I am the interface between cosmetics and medicine.

o   Why is the skin one of our most important organs?

It is she who acts as a barrier to infections and the environment. This is our armor. It is also key to sociability, well-being and self-esteem.

o   You often tell us that healthy skin is above all a healthy skin barrier, what happens when it is damaged?

When our skin is dry or damaged, it does less of its role as a barrier. As a result, the ingredients, the good and the less good, penetrate into the dermis, and therefore into the blood. For example, when we expose ourselves to the sun, it destructures our stratum corneum and everything penetrates more, as if the tissue becomes wider. Alcohol in a formula also promotes the absorption of ingredients. You understand why it is really important to pay attention to the ingredients we put on our skin!

o   A study that struck you?

I remember a study where we compared the black population living in France and Cameroon. A different acid was found in their skin (sapienic acid). The environment in which we live and the food we eat can modify the properties of our skin and therefore the way it ages.

o   Why did you agree to be part of Seasonly's Clean Beauty board?

The personality of the people I met. Their desire to connect people from different backgrounds, like me. Exchange expertise, feed off each other.

o   Your definition of Clean Beauty

Not only a notion of fair ingredients but also of an ethical, reasoned approach. Everyone can have a skin dream. The dream is necessary. But then there has to be science behind it .

o   If skin could talk to us, what would it tell us?

"I'm not just your enemy, just a constraint. You can have fun with me"

o   A piece of advice for women : be very regular in your actions. Like when you do gardening. The important thing is the ritual. Think about your diet. And don’t always use the same formula!

o   Tomorrow cosmetics will be more...?

Scientist ! before I was criticized for working on cosmetics which was not considered scientific enough. Now cosmetics is more respected in research.

o   What would it be like to live better for you?

I think we already live well in France compared to certain countries, right?! Living better would mean respecting each other more together. Think collectively.

o   A person, near or far, in the shadows and the light, in your field or not, who inspires you?

Elsa Jungman*, who was my student. In addition to being very talented, she has a personality, and is driven by real values ​​[it is thanks to Elsa that the Seasonly team met Arlette].

o   The final word?

OTHERNESS.  Meet different people. I walk human. I'm not enough for myself.


*founder of the Franco-American start-up Elsi Beauty - Summary article from Skin School with Elsa Jungman to read in the 'News' tab.

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