Interview Clean Beauty Board : Michel Sabadie, directeur R&D en cosmétiques

Clean Beauty Board interview: Michel Sabadie, R&D director in cosmetics

If Michel Sabadie says he fell into the cosmetics pot a bit by chance, one thing is certain, it was a happy coincidence. After a career in large cosmetics groups (Sanofi Beauté, Shiseido) as director of research and development, he now puts his experience at the service of “beauty makers”, to help them do better.

From the start, it was he who convinced us of the need to “truly adapt to all women and all seasons”.

o Michel, you say that if you had to do it again, you would have done exactly the same job, is that true?

I could have ended up working in laboratories on margarine but fortunately I went into cosmetics. I love innovation and in this sector, there is never a dull moment! And that’s the secret to my longevity in this sector.

It is infinitely joyful to participate in the creation of products that arouse desire and pleasure. Two of the most important concepts in life, right?!

o Often, you warn us against shortcuts or excesses of speech that we can currently read in cosmetics?

Yes, be careful not to succumb to greenwashing! Green chemistry at all costs is not necessarily a panacea in terms of effectiveness or safety. To contrast nature, “nice”, and chemistry, “nasty”, is to make a crude shortcut. Know for example that chemistry is necessary to have green raw materials. We, human beings, are chemistry! Of course, there is a positive movement at the moment which is leading women to be more careful about the products they use and which has pushed brands to reduce their ingredient listings and be more transparent. That's great. But it is up to us, experts, to explain to women what is necessary and what is superfluous.

o Why is Seasonly a brand that speaks to you and what motivated you to join our Clean Beauty board?

When you asked me what was missing on the market, for me there was no doubt that it was the notion of adaptability to the person and the season that we had to look for. You talk about personalization, I like the word “adaptability” even better. The future is a cream that adapts!

o Your definition of Clean Beauty

A short formula with fewer ingredients (in particular to limit the interaction of ingredients with each other) but the right ingredients, with real action on the skin. Traceability in the composition. The removal of all risky materials. And for the planet, use cultivated ingredients rather than wild harvests because that depletes resources.

o As a skin expert, what advice would you give to women?

Do not use the same cream all year round! Consider the environment and the changes that impact you.

o Tomorrow cosmetics will be more...?

I hope it will be even more scientific :)

o What would it be like to live better for you?

Enjoy real Nature. In what you eat / in what you look / in what you breathe. Respect more the true cycles of nature.

o We add 12 hours to your days, what do you do with it?

I sleep 6 hours more and I work 6 hours more!

o A person or place that inspires you?

Japan, and the Japanese! It is the land of discipline, order, cleanliness, but also it is the land of extreme inventiveness. The Japanese, whom I knew well when I worked at Shiseido, have an incredible relationship with nature. Infinitely respectful.

o The final “WORD”?

"Serious". It may seem reactive to mention this word, at a time of fun, but for me it is essential. I don't want to give consumers any illusions. Besides, that’s why I’m not on social media! Too many people speaking out on subjects they don't know about. Afterwards the women are lost. We owe them “seriousness” today, more than ever.

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