Les Eye Patchs et leur boîte de rangement en métal

The new routine for tired eyes to adopt!

To mark the release of eye patches, we'll help you with a special evening facial routine. Whether you stay in the office/telecommute or go on vacation, you put a lot of strain on your eyes. Stress, pollution, wind, salt, chlorine, the sun... here are many factors that require you to take care of your eyes and your skin.

First of all, the fatigue accumulated over the year is noticeable on your face, and particularly under your eyes. Bags and small wrinkles around the eyes are there, so how can you reduce them? We will guide you through an evening routine that will help you relax, rehydrate your eye area and repair your skin after a day of work or outdoor activities!

1. The anti-aging duo for plump and luminous skin

Enriched with Maca roots, a super energizing plant, the anti-aging serum stimulates cellular metabolism in order to prevent skin aging (fine lines, more marked features, more fragile skin, etc.). Its action is energizing, firming and helps make the complexion more radiant. It stimulates collagen synthesis to tone the skin. Gently massage your face with the serum then let your skin soak it in for 10 seconds.

Additionally apply the anti-aging cream enriched with avocado extract. Formulated in an enveloping texture, it promotes the repair and elimination system of toxins. This active ingredient also helps stimulate the skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid to deeply plump it. Tap gently, massaging the eye contour from the inside out. After application, the eye contours are rehydrated and refreshed, fine lines around the eyes are smoother.

2. Boost the effectiveness of anti-aging cream with eye patches

Eye Patches

By wearing a mask indoors hiding half of the face, our eyes are the mirror of our emotions and our sensations. Overloaded, this area is very tired and sensitized on a daily basis (friction of the mask, irritation, blue light from screens, etc.).

After applying your hydrating and plumping eye contour, place your patches under your eyes. They boost and facilitate the penetration of active ingredients for maximum absorption of your cream. The widest part of the patch should hug the outer side of the eye, in order to stretch your gaze. Leave the patches on for ten minutes. At the end of the application, gently pass the quartz roller over your eye patches to finish the treatment.

Remove the patch and wash it under lukewarm water with or without soap. Put them back in their metal box for better conservation. Made from silicone, they are infinitely reusable and environmentally friendly!

3. Before going to sleep, place a few drops of night oil on your face

Based on 14 super-ingredients, the night oil is applied to clean, rehydrated skin to activate its vital functions at rest and awaken its radiance. Multi-action and highly restorative, it attacks skin dryness, pigment spots, lack of radiance of the complexion, and can be used as an anti-aging agent.

Night oil

Any advice to increase its effects tenfold? Massage your skin with the quartz roller which promotes blood circulation and optimizes the penetration of your facial treatment. After application, you will feel your skin firmer and more toned. The roller has a decongestant effect, tightens pores and reduces muscle tension. By letting the night oil infuse overnight, your skin tissues regenerate better and your skin repairs itself gently.

By following this facial routine in the evening, your skin will be brighter when you wake up. Your eye area will be hydrated and repaired when you wake up to face the sun, sea and wind!

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