Plante Babchi dont provient le bakuchiol.

Bakuchiol VS Retinol

Bakuchiol is an ingredient that we are hearing more and more about: a plant-based alternative to retinol, it has many benefits for the skin without the irritating effects of retinol. This active ingredient is for you if you are looking for targeted anti-aging action or anti-imperfection action. Let's decipher this 100% natural active ingredient.

What is bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol is a natural, anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory active ingredient that comes from the seeds of a plant called “Babchi”. It is very often compared to retinol since it is also a derivative of vitamin A. The only difference is that it has the same properties as retinol without having the disadvantages (irritation, stability problems, photosensitization, etc.) . It is in particular a very good alternative for sensitive or weakened skin which tends to react to certain active ingredients (such as AHA, BHA and retinoids for example).

Seasonly Blemish Serum

What are the effects of bakuchiol on the skin?

Bakuchiol is a very complete active ingredient, which is why we chose it as the flagship active ingredient in our blemish serum . One of its main benefits is to improve the quality of the skin texture: it smoothes and retexturizes the skin texture without irritating it. Its antioxidant action allows, in the case of skin with imperfections, to fight against pigment spots , often left by post-acne scars and other redness. It therefore also has an action on the uniformity of the complexion and its radiance. Anti-inflammatory, bakuchiol also fights against the appearance of new imperfections. So with daily use, it has long-term effects on both skin quality and the reduction of imperfections. Its action is complemented by other active ingredients such as zinc, lactic acid and AHAs in our imperfections range for global treatment of imperfections.

It is an active ingredient also recognized for its anti-wrinkle action because, like retinol, it has visible effects on the signs of skin aging. By stimulating the production of collagen, it improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It stimulates cell renewal, thus helping to fight against brown spots caused by skin aging or overexposure to the sun. This is also the ingredient we chose for our anti-aging booster .

Bakuchiol VS retinol: what are the differences?

Unlike retinol, bakuchiol is non-irritating and can therefore be used by all skin types, including the most fragile. Indeed, retinol (and retinoids in general) are often too aggressive for sensitive skin and can cause redness, flaking or even breakouts. This is why it is recommended, for example, to introduce retinol gradually into your routine - first once every 2 weeks, then once a week and then several times a week for skin that tolerates it. Which is not the case with bakuchiol: you can integrate it directly into your routine either in the form of aserum or in the form of an oil and you can use it when pregnant (unlike retinol). Another advantage of bakuchiol: it is not photosensitizing like retinol. That is to say, it does not make the skin more sensitive to the sun. It can therefore be used morning and evening, without the risk of causing pigmentation spots. However, be sure to use an SPF because, as with any anti-aging and anti-dark spot ingredient, sun protection is essential to obtain (and maintain) best results. However, you can use bakuchiol and retinol together, if your skin tolerates it, as bakuchiol will have a soothing action that will help balance the effects of retinol.

How to integrate it into your routine?

Bakuchiol can be easily incorporated into any routine. Unlike retinol, it does not present a conflict with other active ingredients, so no worries about compatibility with other active ingredients already present in your routine. You can use it morning and evening with our blemish serum for example which can be applied daily. This will allow you to act on targeted issues without sensitizing your skin.

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Formulated with Niacinamide (vitamin B3), our serum tightens pores to improve the quality of skin texture. With its anti-oxidant action, Bakuchiol helps fight against pigment spots (scars). This action is completed by Lactic Acid which exfoliates the skin without attacking it and accelerates the natural process of cellular regeneration.

Proven results after 28 days of use

  • 80% found that the product rebalanced their skin flora
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Test carried out by an independent external organization over a period of 28 days under the supervision of a dermatologist.

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