Un soin visage anti-âge naturel, est-ce possible ?

A natural anti-aging facial treatment, is it possible?

Silicones, retinol, controversial ingredients... it's difficult to navigate and find an anti-aging facial treatment that is both good for the skin and the environment. Facial serums, oils, creams with retinol, ceramics, Q10, which anti-aging should you choose and what are the textures and active ingredients to favor?

Why is Retinol also used in anti-aging care?

Retinol is a form of vitamin A, it is also one of the most renowned ingredients in dermatology for its effectiveness on the skin. Its benefits are multiple: it stimulates cell renewal, increases collagen production, reduces wrinkles, pigment spots and improves skin texture. However, the use of Retinol is not without consequences. It can cause irritation, redness and increased sensitivity to the sun, especially during the first uses or if the concentration is too high.

At Seasonly we have decided not to use Retinol in our anti-aging formulas and to add this active ingredient to our no-list of ingredients because despite its numerous advantages, it remains very aggressive for the skin and can damage the skin barrier.

What are the natural alternatives to Retinol?

In recent years, anti-aging active ingredients have multiplied, we now talk a lot about bakuchiol, this natural active ingredient derived from the seeds of Psoralea Corylifolia and for good reason, bakuchiol has the same anti-aging benefits as Retinol and more. Indeed, bakuchiol is ideal for combination and oily skin because it slows the appearance of imperfections. A winning combination for this natural active ingredient which can be mixed without fear of side effects.

Among the natural alternatives to Retinol there are also so-called botox-like active ingredients, complexes formulated with super-ingredients which will act on all the signs of skin aging and present results similar to those observed after a Botox injection while being applied topically. How it works ? Thanks to their ability to inhibit the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that causes facial muscles to contract, these active ingredients will help relax facial muscles and smooth facial features. Present in anti-aging serums, oils and even anti-wrinkle creams, these Botox-like active ingredients can generally be used on all skin types.

And the facial massage in all this?

Because we are convinced that a good anti-aging cream is not enough, we have developed facial massage protocols that relax the muscles, smooth the skin and sculpt the face. In the studio in the expert hands of our facialists or at home for a few minutes of self-massage every day, the most important thing is to integrate this new habit into your skincare routine.

Find on our site a selection of massage accessories which will allow you, with the appropriate gestures, to blur wrinkles, drain the face and sculpt the features. Jade gua sha, wooden boulado with patented mechanism, mushroom to target the most inaccessible areas, our massage accessories are provided with a video tutorial: a few simple gestures to reproduce at home to boost the effectiveness of your routine.

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