Comment préparer votre peau pour l'été ?

How to prepare your skin for summer?

With the sun and swimming, the skin is put to the test. It is therefore crucial to prepare it well so that it can face these external attacks with complete peace of mind. In this article, we share with you our best tips.

Good actions to adopt:

Here are some essential steps to prepare her for the sun and swimming:

  1. Exfoliation: To obtain an even tan, it is crucial to remove dead skin cells by exfoliating regularly (once or twice a week depending on your skin type). Opt for a chemical exfoliation so as not to sensitize your skin before exposure to the sun.
  1. Hydration and nutrition: Before even exposing yourself to the sun, make sure to hydrate your skin well. This helps compensate for water loss due to sun exposure and strengthens the skin barrier to prevent dehydration.
  1. Sun Protection: Remember the importance of sun protection to prevent damage from UV rays. Use sunscreen suited to your skin type and reapply regularly, especially after swimming.
  1. Antioxidants: Incorporate antioxidants into your routine to protect your skin from oxidative stress induced by UV rays. They help prevent premature aging of the skin and promote an even complexion. Like vitamin C, which you can find in our radiance booster . Two drops mixed with your day cream are enough to strengthen it with antioxidants.
  1. Gradual tan : If you want to obtain a natural and even tan, expose yourself to the sun gradually. Avoid sunburn by limiting the duration of your exposure and applying appropriate sunscreen. To promote a gradual and long-lasting tan, you can apply a tan accelerator like our Tan Boost serum-in-oil , which prepares the skin for the sun, activates melanin production and prolongs the tan with or without exposure.

What mistakes should you avoid making?

If you dream of getting a tan in Punta Cana, you might consider UV treatments. However, some people wrongly believe that these sessions prepare the skin for the sun. In reality, artificial UV is much richer in UVA than natural light, increasing the risk of premature aging and skin cancers. In addition, the pigmentation resulting from UV sessions does not lead to thickening of the epidermis, unlike natural tanning.

Likewise, a misconception is that self-tanners prepare the skin for the sun. Unlike artificial UV rays, self-tanners offer a tan without health risks. However, their mechanism differs from that of natural tanning: DHA, the main component of self-tanners, reacts with the amino acids of dead cells in the stratum corneum to form pigments, melanoidins. This process, called the Maillard reaction, causes the skin to brown without exposure to UV rays.

So what are our tips for an exhibition-specific routine?

On the face :

A few weeks before sun exposure, consider exfoliating your face 1 to 2 times a week . For example, choose our regenerating new skin mask , which promotes gentle exfoliation thanks to its fruit enzymes, to stimulate cell renewal.

To boost the hydration of your skin, apply morning and/or evening before your moisturizer our hydrating serum . Both smoothing and firming, it is enriched with acacia seed extract and allows the skin to maintain its optimal level of hydration.

1 to 3 weeks before your first exposure , in the morning, add a few drops of our Tan Boost serum-in-oil to your cream. This two-phase oil stimulates the production of melanin to prepare, activate and prolong the tan. Enriched with Karanja, it prepares the skin for the sun and prevents skin aging. Thalitan will also stimulate melanin synthesis and prolong the tan.

To seal in hydration, nourish your skin in the evening with our night oil . Composed of 14 super-ingredients, it activates the skin's vital functions during the night, revealing its natural radiance.

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Discover a face mask with pomegranate and passion fruit enzymes with an enveloping texture for a new skin effect visible in just 21 days.

Its transformative gel-in-oil texture is ideal for self-massage and also allows it to be used with our massage accessories like Gua Sha to decongest and drain lymph.

Thanks to fruit enzymes, vegetable oils rich in carotenoids and the Bright Oleoactif complex present in the formula, the New Skin Mask gently exfoliates the skin to boost cell renewal and reveal a brighter complexion.

target :

Irregular skin texture, dull complexion, lack of uniformity, dry skin

result :

Smoother skin texture, a brighter complexion and improved skin quality in 21 days.

cell renewal

28 days is the duration of the natural skin cell renewal cycle. During this cycle, the different layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis) will regenerate: we also speak of “desquamation”, that is to say the elimination of dead cells then their renewal. However, with age (from the age of 30), the renewal of skin cells slows down and the oldest cells begin to accumulate: the complexion becomes dull, the skin thickens and dries, wrinkles appear. begin to appear. To combat sagging skin and signs of aging, it is essential to help the skin in its cell renewal process with an exfoliating mask.

for new skin

The New Skin Mask is the ideal mask to gently exfoliate the skin. The fruit enzymes used in the mask will specifically destroy the proteins. They break down the bonds between the horny cells, which allows dead cells to be detached, which will then be eliminated when rinsing with the other impurities for clear and luminous skin.

In addition to fruit enzymes, the New Skin Mask contains a complex of anti-dark spots active ingredients (Bright Oleoactif) and vegetable oils rich in carotenoids for an instant healthy glow and protected skin. Thanks to its many powerful active ingredients, this mask will even out your skin, brighten your complexion and deeply nourish your skin.

a unique sensoriality

Thanks to its unique formula, our mask, in addition to being effective, is the pinnacle of sensoriality. Its transformative, slightly warming gel-in-oil texture is ideal for self-massage and also allows it to be used with our massage accessories such as the Jade Gua Sha or the roller. Multi-action, the practice of self-massage will help drain the lymph and smooth the features while allowing all the active ingredients contained in our mask to penetrate deeply.

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