Interview Clean Beauty Board : Angéline Rocherieux, experte en actifs cosmétiques

Clean Beauty Board interview: Angéline Rocherieux, expert in cosmetic active ingredients

A chemist by training, Angéline works for Expanscience laboratories. We met at a conference on the future of cosmetics. She fascinated us by talking to us about upcycling ingredients and a (really) responsible approach. For us, it was obvious: she had to be part of the Seasonly board.

o   Tell us about your journey

I wanted to be a nose. I was told “do Chemistry, if you’re not a “daughter of” it’s impossible to break into perfume”! At the end of my studies I went to study sustainable development in Denmark, at a time when it was still little talked about here. That year clearly influenced my professional choices today.

o   In Seasonly formulas, we find some of your so-called upcycled ingredients. What is it exactly ?

It has been discovered that food waste contains formidable active resources. In maracuja for example (passion fruit) the seeds become an objective active ingredient for the skin, that is to say an active ingredient with proven effectiveness for the skin. Our daily life is therefore to explore new techniques to extract other things from the same ingredient (eg: avocado). Nothing is lost, everything is transformed !

o What have been the major advances in your field in recent years?

The major change is the awareness of consumers who demand more transparency and traceability (where the raw materials come from). They are the ones who push us to always do better.

o   Why is what you do important?

We do cosmetics and we all agree that it is not a primary necessity. However, we try to do it with respect, meaning and, I think, usefulness. Our mission: to develop ingredients with the least negative impact possible for the environment, and the most positive impact for humans.

o   Why did you agree to be part of Seasonly's Clean Beauty board?

I immediately agreed with the brand's approach: the desire to do things really differently, the closeness with their consumers (which I was able to feel during the green talk in which I participated). And of course the vision of more responsible cosmetics.

o   Your definition of Clean Beauty

Responsible ingredients. Security - Transparency. And pleasure!

o   If skin could talk to us, what would it tell us?

Moisturize me every morning and remove my makeup every evening.

o   Tomorrow cosmetics will be more...?

Sustainable. Fair . Beyond respect for the environment, it is that of the people behind all this that must be taken into account.

o   What would it be like to live better for you?

Live more simply. Allow yourself to listen to yourself more.

o   We add 12 hours to your day, what do you do with it ?

I'm going back to studying perfume! It's fascinating what a smell can generate in terms of sensations, feelings, memories. In this regard, I am a fan of the Seasonly night oil, which reminds me of naturalness but not in the first degree. In total harmony with my skin.

o   A person, near or far, in shadow and light, who inspires you?

Not one but several: today's young people! Those who are not afraid and who go for it. Many do what they want to do, more sensitive to the content of the position than to the name of the company.

o   The final word?

GREEN. Like the olfactory notes that I adore, like the lasting consciousness that grows, like the future sine qua non of this planet.

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