La routine de nos facialistes EP.2 : Roxana

The routine of our facialists EP.2: Roxana

Our expert facial gym facialists transform your skin in our Skin Studios as well as in selected Sephora stores across Europe, but do you really know this job that everyone is talking about at the moment? Today we present to you Roxana, facialist at Seasonly since the creation of the brand, she tells us about her training and her passion for facialism and well-being.

Roxana, can you tell us about your background?

With pleasure, I had the chance to grow up surrounded by people passionate about the body and well-being professions. My aunt was a beautician, I saw her tend to clients and take care of them and my uncle was a dermatologist, so I was immersed in this world. I started my training with a massage therapist diploma in the United States, which allowed me to specialize in deep tissue and precise techniques such as Swedish massage.

When I returned to France, I opted for an aesthetic CAP, I did a lot of body massages, even aquatic massages and for six years I have only done facials. What I like about my job is sharing my energy, releasing tensions and taking care of people. I like the idea of ​​being able to enhance each person's skin and allow them to have a pleasant time in their week... of sharing my passion and explaining to each person the benefit of taking time for themselves.

Why did you join seasonally?

I wanted to join Seasonly to be part of this growing family. What attracted me was the expertise and the stunning “before and after” effect of the massages, even in just 30 minutes. We massage the skin deeply with dynamic gestures that really change the face and what I particularly like is seeing the results after each session on my clients.

What do you do every day to take care of your skin?

I clean my face morning and evening with a Vitamin E facial soap and I love the results on my skin, my complexion is really more radiant.

In my routine we also find the Anti-Grisaille serum which I use morning and evening by massaging my face with tonic gestures to wake up my muscles and boost my cell renewal, always from the inside out and from the bottom towards the top. 

And I don't forget the anti-aging lifting cream which allows me to smooth my features and make my fine lines disappear, it's an essential for me!

What is your favorite product from Seasonly?

Without hesitation, Gua Sha . I also use it on my legs as I run a lot, it allows me to massage and relax my muscles.

What’s the next step for you?

Training ! I love passing on my know-how and experience by adding my own personal touch. I participate in the creation of Seasonly seasonal treatments, in the implementation of protocols and I share all this knowledge with the facialists who work in our Skin Studios and in our Sephora Face Glow Bars.

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