L'automne et la peau

Autumn and the skin

Fall is a transitional season that reveals UV damage. If you took advantage of your summer to tan, you will see the effects come fall. This is the time for spots, spots and intense dehydration. So how to take care of your skin in autumn? What should you pay attention to? We tell you everything!

Autumn weather conditions: a shoulder season

Transitional seasons like spring or fall are treacherous: unlike summer or winter, humidity and temperature change frequently . The skin therefore no longer knows where to turn, and makes greater efforts to adapt. In fact, the skin has less difficulty managing extreme temperatures, provided they are constant.

What are the effects on my skin?

In symbiosis with the seasons, your skin begins a transition into autumn . To protect against intensified UV rays during the summer, the skin has thickened. With the arrival of autumn, it begins to thin out and tan: the damage from summer rises to the surface of the dermis.

Fall is the season of dull complexion, blemishes and sagging skin . The skin produces less sebum compared to summer and begins to dry out. But as it is difficult to adapt its sebum production at the start of the season, acne forms and a few spots appear later. Transepidermal water loss intensifies: wrinkles become more pronounced and features become sagging. Finally, summer toxins accumulate on the surface of the dermis and a dull complexion sets in.

So now is the time for a global cure!

What should you prioritize in your routine?

To combat dull complexion , we recommend antioxidants and illuminators. That's good, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that restores radiance and reduces pigmentation spots. You can find it in our ultra concentrated radiance booster.

To regulate sebum production and prevent imperfections , we turn to niacinamide. Our healthy glow cream contains 4% niacinamide and is perfect for restoring radiance and regulating imperfections. For a more pimple-oriented action, the blemish serum also contains niacinamide, in addition to other acne-fighting active ingredients. It is also enriched with bakuchiol, perfect for sagging skin.

To combat sagging skin , nothing better than a little facial exercise . With gua sha or boulado , we stimulate skin microcirculation, drain lymph and resculpt facial features. More information on specific self-massage movements here .

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