Filaments sébacés ou points noirs ?

Sebaceous filaments or blackheads?

Sebaceous filaments are often confused with blackheads. And we understand the confusion: sebaceous filaments and blackheads generally appear on the nose, chin or cheeks, and they look the same! So how to differentiate sebaceous filaments and blackheads? What ingredients should you use to tighten your pores, get rid of blackheads and reduce the appearance of sebaceous filaments?

How to recognize them?

The sebaceous filament is a natural structure present in each pore: they are small channels that transport sebum to the surface of the skin to nourish the skin barrier. If your sebum production is too high or your pores are dilated , the sebaceous filaments are more visible. The difficulty with sebaceous filaments is that they can turn into blackheads.

A blackhead is an open comedo: a collection of sebum, dead cells and debris blocks your pore. However, this plug is in direct contact with the air and it will therefore continually oxidize until it blackens.

What are the differences between sebaceous filament and blackhead?

We therefore find several differences:

- The blackhead is an occasional problem that can be resolved. Sebaceous filaments are part of the structure of the skin: we can minimize their appearance but we can never get rid of them.

- A blackhead is dark, brown and almost black. A sebaceous filament, on the contrary, is quite light, gray or with a yellowish tint.

- When a sebaceous filament is extracted, a sort of column of sebum comes out. On the contrary, a blackhead looks like a slightly lumpy plug.

What ingredients should you prioritize?

To prevent excess sebum , we look for niacinamide which will regulate the production of lipids and strengthen the skin barrier. And that’s good since our purifying lotion is enriched with niacinamide .

To prevent blockages and blackheads , we look for AHA and BHA . These are exfoliating acids which will dissolve sebum, dead cells and debris causing blackheads and purify the pore. Our blemish serum is concentrated in glycolic acid, an AHA extracted from sugar cane. It also contains niacinamide: the perfect serum for tightening your pores!

To reduce the appearance of sebaceous filaments , double cleansing is a good idea. Fat attracts fat, and it is with this principle in mind that we designed make -up remover oil . It is the best way to clean excess oil from pores. Along with the cleansing jelly , these two products are enriched with calendula to soothe the skin. You will see an immediate (but temporary) reduction in your sebaceous filaments!




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