Les plantes adaptogènes : découvrez une liste exhaustive des différentes plantes adaptogènes et quels bienfaits pour la peau elles ont.

Adaptogenic plants

Recently, adaptogenic plants appear in our creams and cosmetics. If they are initially used in food, aromatherapy and well-being, adaptogenic plants help the skin to “adapt” to external conditions. So what are adaptogenic plants? What is their use? And above all, what benefits do they bring to our skin?

What are adaptogenic plants?

An adaptogenic plant “adapts” to its environment: these are plants that manage to grow in extreme climates and that cope particularly well with climatic variations. Their main use is to fight against oxidative stress and fatigue: by reducing free radicals, the production of cortisol decreases and the degradation of collagen in the skin slows down. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, adaptogenic plants limit dull complexion and slow down skin aging .

An adaptogenic plant can take several forms: they are herbs, sometimes roots but also mushrooms. Among the best-known adaptogenic plants for the skin, we find:

- Red schisandra berries
- Holy basil
- The roots of Ashwagandha
- Ginseng roots
- Astragalus root or Huang Qi
- Chaga mushroom
- Reishi mushroom

Factors that worsen oxidative stress

Your skin is the largest organ in your body: it protects you every day from several thousand external attacks. She is therefore subject to external but also internal stress. If the body naturally produces free radicals, an environment too rich in free radicals accelerates oxidative stress in the skin. Among the factors aggravating oxidative stress:

- Lack of sleep
- The stress
- The sun
- Pollution
- Tobacco smoke
- The alcohol

Our selection of adaptogenic plants

Coming from the home of giant pandas in China, schizandra berries contain numerous antioxidants: they neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative stress, responsible for dull complexion and accelerated skin aging. Red schisandra berries have also been proven to soothe and limit the reactivity of sensitive skin.

Concentrated in red schisandra berries, our anti-grey serum brightens the face and evens out the complexion. Red berries soothe sensitive skin and limit redness.

Our moisturizer, available in a rich or fluid texture depending on your skin type, contains a plant root complex, Meiritage. In this complex of plant roots we find astragalus root, also called Huang Qi: it is an adaptogenic plant!

This botanical complex has found its place in our moisturizing cream for several reasons: it protects against pollution, restores the skin barrier , evens out the complexion and prevents the first signs of aging.

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