Prendre soin de son contour des yeux avec le massage

Take care of your eye area with massage

The eye area is the finest and most delicate area of ​​the face. Dark circles, bags or even crow's feet wrinkles, the eye area has specific needs. We give you our key actions.

Why is the skin around the eyes special?

The eye contour mobilizes nearly 22 muscles in perpetual motion: to allow hydration of the eye, 10,000 blinks of the eyelids are necessary each day. To allow fluid movement without discomfort, the skin around the eyes is very thin and therefore more delicate. At the level of dark circles, the skin is poor in sebaceous glands and collagen filaments.

To find the best product for your eyes, it is therefore essential to know what you want to combat: signs of aging (crow's feet), colored or full dark circles (puffiness).

Our 3 key actions to treat and prevent

Step #1: Decongest pockets

To combat bags, you must evacuate the lymph retained under the eyes. This is why you must do this drainage gesture, always from the inside out, after applying your serum and/or your cream to increase its effects tenfold. Continue the massage with the metal tip of our eye serum or a mushroom.

Action #2: Reduce dark circles

To reduce dark circles, you must stimulate blood microcirculation in order to decongest the area while reoxygenating the tissues. The blood flow that tends to stagnate under the eyes loses oxygen, hence the purple/black color. This is why with gesture no. 2 we stimulate the area in order to instantly reduce the pigmentation of dark circles. These little pinches restart the entire blood and lymphatic circuit in the eye area.

Step #3: Prevent crow’s feet wrinkles

The first signs of aging appear around the age of 30 and are generally seen around the eyes: these are crow's feet wrinkles . You therefore have two options to slow down skin aging around the eyes: anti-aging products and facial exercise.

Our 3rd gesture will stretch the eye area using “twisting”. This helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the area. This muscle stretching stretches the tissues in order to avoid contractions that cause fine lines and wrinkles.

To go further, you can repeat this gesture with a mushroom (you can cool it in the fridge, it's great!). With light pressure, begin your movement at the bridge of the nose, below the inner corner of the eye. Gently pass over the pockets to the underside of the crow's feet. Go up vertically with more intense pressure to smooth crow's feet and stretch towards the temples.

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