Que faire contre le vieillissement cutané ? Rides, ridules, pattes d'oie ou rides du lion ? Découvrez les meilleurs ingrédients, soins et produits pour lutter contre les signes du vieillissement.

Skin aging

From the age of 25, collagen production declines and the first signs of aging appear. Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, loss of tone... Many factors accelerate skin aging. So how can we slow down the appearance of these signs? What active principles and ingredients should you prioritize in your routine to maintain smooth skin texture?


How to spot skin aging?


The skin is made up of three layers: the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis. They are all affected by skin aging but each in its own way:

- The epidermis - the outer layer of the skin - has slowed cell renewal and reduced lipid production - sebum for short. The texture of the skin is then drier, rougher and is marked by fine lines and wrinkles.

- The dermis is a bit like the crux of the matter: we lose 1% of collagen each year, the elastin level drops and microcirculation becomes more laborious. The skin is then less firm, less elastic, more prone to wrinkles, and loses density and radiance. Bye bye the rosy glow of the complexion, hello the dull complexion ...


- The hypodermis decreases in size: there is a loss of volume, deeper wrinkles and the cheeks may hollow out or sag. It's sagging skin!


Areas where the first signs of aging appear:

- Crow's feet or expression lines, located at the outer corner of the eye.

- The nasolabial folds around the mouth and starting from the nose. These are deep wrinkles caused by sagging skin.

- Forehead wrinkles , easily recognizable by these horizontal lines.

- The frown line between the eyebrows.


That's about it, and that's already good! The first signs of skin aging usually appear around the age of 25, although if you smoke or your environment is very polluted, it may start before. Fortunately, this can be alleviated with proper preventative care.


What are the factors that aggravate skin aging?


Skin aging accelerates depending on your living environment and habits. Behaviors that aggravate skin aging mainly concern lifestyle:

- Smoking or alcohol. Smoking and drinking significantly increase oxidative stress, and quitting smoking is, for example, the first thing to do to age “gracefully”.

- The stress . Stress has the same effects as smoking: it significantly increases oxidative stress .

- Lack of sleep . For the same reasons, lack of sleep significantly increases oxidative stress.


What to do to slow down skin aging?


The first reflex to take, vital for an anti-aging approach, is to put on sunscreen ! Choose SPF 50 and apply it every day. Even indoors! UVA rays are not blocked by windows and are responsible for skin aging.


A simple but effective habit you can adopt is face exercise . Using a gua sha , jade roller or boulado , you can stretch and work the different muscles of your face every day for an anti-aging effect. 5 minutes a day are enough to reshape the oval of the face, smooth wrinkles, plump the skin and restart skin microcirculation.


Regarding the ingredients to look for in your anti-aging care:

- The so-called “powerful” anti-aging ingredients : retinol and bakuchiol . Each is known to accelerate cellular renewal and “defy” aging. Retinol has downsides: it causes irritation and dryness. A plant-based alternative to retinol, and gentler, bakuchiol is a natural ingredient that smoothes wrinkles, refines skin texture and accelerates the disappearance of acne and hyperpigmentation .

- Anti-aging ingredients stimulating the production of collagen : peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Hyaluronic acid has the particularity of hydrating and plumping the skin in addition to stimulating the production of collagen . Vitamin C protects against free radicals and reduces hyperpigmentation.


- Prevention ingredients : an antioxidant in the morning is always important. Whether it's vitamin C, polyphenols or other plant oils and extracts rich in antioxidants, it's important to have them in your routine to prevent oxidative stress. When we know that aging is mainly accelerated by oxidative stress, we appreciate an antioxidant!


So which products to choose?


The key ingredient of the anti-aging serum is maca root : an adaptogenic plant , maca is rich in antioxidants and is known for its energizing properties. Our anti-aging serum prevents skin aging and helps tone the skin thanks to its high amino acid content.


For a powerful anti-aging action, simply add three drops of our anti-aging booster to your usual moisturizer. Concentrated in bakuchiol , the booster smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and refines skin texture.


To target crow's feet, we have developed the anti-aging eye cream : enriched with avocado oil, our cream plumps the eye contour to revitalize the eyes and reduce the signs of aging.


To provide antioxidants and nourish the skin all night, we recommend our night oil . 100% natural, it concentrates 14 different vegetable oils such as jojoba, avocado or rice oil. They are all very rich in antioxidants, perfect for preventing oxidative stress.

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